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I've shared this before, but I'll do it yet again. Please people, when RPing with me, it's actions are bold, thoughts are italics, different languages are strikethrough, and OOC chat is in parentheses. In other words... actions thoughts different languages and (OOC chat)

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''death does not strike fear into me''

Name: lapis lithena

nickname: litha

age: 27

race: Elve
(dark elves)

gender: Female

sexuality: straight

height: 5'9

wight: idk like.......129

physical descrip: curvy,strong arms,silver hair,blue/purple eyes 

armor/apparel: breast plates and cuffs on her wrists,most clothing made of gold or silver. mostly dresses or suits.

Loyalties: her loyalties lie no where. she hunts and does things for gold. never a reason to but just tries to make a living  

alignment: um...not really one or the other. tho she does have a heart so ''not good but not bad?''

family: she has a mentor that she see's every once and a while but not alot,she has a pet hawk (well trained BTW).

relationship status: single and doesn't really care for them much

skills/powers: she does control earth element but she has a limit to how much power she uses. if she uses a lot it could effect her health. 
element: earth (metal)

weapons: she has a container that holds hot metal,she also uses a sword and bow.

weakness: she can't stand around light for long. the longer she stays in the light the weaker she gets.(sunlight isn't as strong but example crystal lights she can't stand,it drains her power)

personality: she's more of the careless person but has a serious/kind side. she of course has a heart so she's not all written in stone

persona: she acts very serious and careless (kinda both)

Anima: pretty depressing sometimes but is very kind and childish

bio: later revealed
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((This thing alive))

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Name: Marcus Wyrmslayer
Age: 100
Gender: Male
Type of warrior: dragon slayer
Weapons: Long sword and axe- Powers: superhuman strength and constitution, doesn't age due to a drink of dragon blood.
Bio: He always was a good person, but at age of twenty his father took him to see a dragon slayer defeat a dragon, he was selected by the dragon slayer to destroy the dragon. The dragon slayer died. He spent several years, not finding anyone willing to become a dragon slayer, so he goes slaying dragons, unhappy with himself killing things. But the dragon blood in him takes over, forcing him to destroy dragons.
Likes: peace,  family (though there dead), and sugar
Dislikes: Violence and death.

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the sounds of gunshots ring throughout a field that looks used "yeah,need anything?"
name:Divolvir Myett
age: 120
race: Drow
type of warrior/class: Wyrm Sniper/gunslinger
weapons: if it ain't his siege weaponry,it's either his guns or something simple like a bow or sword.
bio: Divolvir is different,unlike most drow,he isn't submissive,he never bows down unless he wants to,he has a insanely strong will and will not hesitate to shoot anyone trying to control him to be a slave. he has a little sister whom he helped raise,having her be nice to male drow,a sister he won't talk about, and a mother whom he can at least talk to without wanting to punch her. he works many professions,but doesn't follow anyone,one moment he's with the dragons,the next he could be with a band of mercenaries. it depends on the situation,sometimes money, and how much he likes his employers. and for a extra side note,he is a rare albino drow,looking like his surface brethren.
personality: can be blunt as an hammer,yet if he wants to dance around a subject,he will. he cares for those he likes and is ruthless to those he does not. h e does not care if you are dragon or human,as long as you are not in his bad book,your fine.
likes:weaponry,people who understand some things shouldn't be talked about,and respect of freedom
dislikes:slavers,people who trample on freedom,being bound down to one side,people dismissing his weaponry,after all,he didn't get the title wyrm sniper for no reason.
looks:picture bellow

(alphonse) i look around,nodding "this field....a good place to set up a forge." i get the materials out of the carriage i was in and i start setting up a forge/house in the field (open)

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Name: Petal
Age: 167
Gender: female
Dragon Species: pixie
The Element/Power You Control: mist
Personality: quiet, smart
Bio: unknown
Likes: sweets, flying fast
Dislikes: mean people

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Warrior Layout:

Name: Shadow Warrior,real name unknown
Age: Immortal
Gender: Male
Type Of Warrior: Lost to time
Weapons and/or Powers: Sword, dagger, bow, battle axe, throwing knives (Powers) Can cast illusions, can control electricity and fire, can see people even through walls and other such barriers, super strength, speed, and agility, extreme endurance, does not feel pain, super human reflexes, immune to fire and electricity,
Bio: Unknown
Personality: Does not feel emotions, cruel, cunning manipulitave
 Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown

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..." clang,clang,CLANG "....what do you want?"
species:Squole (pathfinder veins are flowing here)
class/what he is: Armiger
bio: "a primordial slime,something that is rare, but this one has the distinct form of a human...strange." Alphonse grew up in a human environment, but always knew he wasn't human, from the fact he can alter his body. he became honed in the art of the armor, becoming a unmovable object when still, but a unstoppable force when moving. he wanders the lands, looking for adventure,work, and well...someone to accept what he is. a ooze that is sentient. he has a good sense of humor, though is usually dry about it, and he cannot see due to his body make up being essentially just ooze,no organs for seeing. so he relies on sound. he has his face in this constant deadpan look.
likes:those that are quiet,respectful,and are mindful to what he is.
dislikes:racisim,loud noises, and most of all, control freaks,trying to control what they don't understand
personality:dry,humorous,though silent and respectful, he is many things. a wildcard
looks:(picture is bellow)
weapons:sheild,flail,crossbow,or bastard sword

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Name: night claw

Age: roughly 4,000 years old

Gender: male

Dragon Species: shadow dragon of fire

Element: fire of the Eclipse

Power: black fire, invisibility, shadow spawn

Bio: I was one of hundreds of shadow dragons, now I'm one of the last. We have been hunted by humans to near extinction, and now we have to live within our shadows just to survive each day. My family was killed many years ago, and I'm the only survivor. Now, I run, I hide, I kill, continuing a seemingly never ending cycle. I wish not to run or hide any more, but until the day comes that humans are extinct, I have no choice, but to run, and hide, and kill those that come after me.

Likes: hunting, swimming, flying, dark forest, places without humans

Dislikes: humans

Personality: calm, quite, careful, somewhat cold towards humans.
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