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Hey guys I'm currently working on an Ubuntu Touch Launcher for Android, apps not up yet, but I'll be posting screenshots and links to alpha apks.

Feedback is welcomed

Hi i have nexus 5 with letest marshmellow and maltirom dose any one know how to boot ubuntu.

Need flashable zip of ubuntu 16.10 or 16.04...?

Tried installing 8-9 time from terminal(ubuntu) but endup with "unexpected EOF" every time...

Does anyone use the Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 with Ubuntu Touch and if so how well does it work? Also, what is the recommended Bluetooth keyboard? Thanks!

Hi All, I have just spent the morning installing ubuntu touch on a nexus 5 and all seemed find but at first but I am finding that I am unable to open any apps including the ones that were already installed. Is there a way to fix this or have I wasted my time?

Hi guys.... I put Ubuntu on my nexus5 but the apps crash

Does anyone know which is the latest working version using MultiROM? I recently had to replace my motherboard, so I lost my old working build of UTouch. I flashed Ubuntu Touch Utopic, but it just reboots after the Google logo.

I have flashed the Ubuntu touch on Nexus 5. But it's really bad experience I had. Hardly 4 to 5 apps are working. All the other apps including browser refuse to open. Anyone with different experience??

Nexus 5 will ever be official porting? I know that a new relase has been rolled out not much time ago

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how to start xampp on ubuntu 16.10
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