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Right now, I have a kawaii little Marth Shimeji walking along my desktop! If you don't know what Shimeji are, they are little people that walk around your screen. :)
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Hey Everyone! This is a relatively new community, so it might need a little kick-start. If you join, remember to follow these simple rules:

1. No spamming here
2. Stay on SSB
3. Be careful on what you post (Remember, young kids might be here, so Moderators will decide if certain posts are allowed)
4. Be respectful to other's posts
5. No racism
6. If someone shares a ship you don't like, please respect them and ignore the post.
7. Most importantly, make sure to have fun!

I want you all to have fun sharing the heck out of SSB stuff. Got that? Even if you don't share, thank you all for taking the time to actually join this community. 

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Super Smash Bros. taggie~
It seems like Roy is having trouble getting in the picture. ^^

#Marth   #Pit   #DarkPit   #Robin   #Roy   #Link   #Ike   #supersmashbros   #taggietime   #thelegendofzelda   #FireEmblem   #KidIcarus  

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Who else LOVES the new SSB? I DO!
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hey everybody! Just ask me an I'll share the entrance of your favorite brawler!
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