Hi guys, anything going on here? I've quickly tested the app and looks gorgeus. Has development been stopped?

So... Is the app dead?

I have been using Vision Gallery for a few months and decided to flash a new ROM to my phone this evening. When i went to re-download the app, i noticed that the listing has been removed from the Play Store. 😕 Does this suggest that development has ended? Also, would anyone be kind enough to upload the latest free version? Thanks!

Hello dev :)
Any updates? :) <3

Anyyy update on the update? :) this app is looking pretty good so far, just needs some stability and animation improvements and its all good!

I can't find this app on gp. Is there an apk somewhere?

Does anyone here use tags (or other app internal settings) extensively already?

I'm asking this, because I would like to remove all old code from the app. If someone has setup up a lot of tags, I would need to keep this code and migrate old data. I can do this, but I would prefer to not have to do this...

If noone asks me to migrate the old data, I would let the next version be a complete new clean version.

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I've rewritten most of the app already and I'm currently adding functions to the app again, because I nearly completely rewrote the app and changed the core data handling and code. I'm planning to add all important functions and make a new release afterwards, probably with the new features listed below but for now following features will be missing again temporarily: filtering and online data sources


- Release a new version soon (~end november)
- Add missing features again (filtering, online data sources) and fix bugs
- Release a new version (~mid december)
- Fix bugs
- Release a first official version (~December, before christmas)

New features

- faster layouts
- local files are handled completely different with the result, that any view (timeline, location, tag view) will be just as fast as the default folder view
- copy/move/edit files in ANY view
- beautiful expandable headers with statistics in them
- bottom navigation bar
- open and view images in the recycle bin

Appended you see a demo of what the changes look like...

Are more updates coming any time soon? :)

I cant install the app, ive enrolled for beta testing but play store still says " item not found". I think it's because of my location, can the dev please make it available in india?
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