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Hello friends!
As we all know... Our last roleplay community mysteriously disappeared. No pointing fingers! I'm sure the three of us had nothing to do with it. Anyway, I'd like to use this to our advantage. Here's what I'm thinking....

During the last Rp, Shadow got possessed by her inner demon once more. Draco tried stopping Shadow without hurting her. After a short battle Shadow finally had enough and sent all of you to the dimension where Draco sent me. We all landed in different parts of the new world, Shadow sealing off the exit for good. In these RP's I wish that we all find our true meaning of existence, growing closer as friends, a few good laughs, and of course DRAMA. Fake drama please.

Well anyway I'm up for you're guy's ideas too! I just thought this could be fun :3 !!

If you wanna post just something random or whatevs, I made each of us a little corner! Huehuehue...


No but seriously though, hi
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