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1) You are a person. You fit into the place you put yourself into. The OP factor of the game are mechanics, not lore canon. Follow the typical rile of overpowering. Aka, follow the real laws of lore and reality.

2) Metagaming. Like that character's secret stash of weapons? Too bad; it's a secret. Learn it exists and where/how to find it in character.

3) Many think it's the same as being OP, but powergaming is where you force other players' characters to do things. Unless they say you can do an explicit action, always leave them room to follow the flow or blow your mind with a whole different action.

4) This takes place in the Northwest Commonwealth in 2287, aka modern day Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California and Alaska 10 years after Fallout 3, 6 after FO: New Vegas, and at the same time as FO4. The Institute, the Legion and New Vegas' forces aren't here, and the Brotherhood lost contact with the East and Midwest Chapters when the West Chapter splintered as the Southwest was lost to the NCR. What happened in FO3 and what is happening in FO4 are unknown to any but the Enclave, if they show up.

5) The ones who grab leadership rule the faction. People may usurp them through roleplay, but it will take work. The amount varies based on who and what is being usurped. As long as players follow the rules, they may do whatever they wish with their characters, factions and locations, within reason of the lore.

6) Members, please keep broadcasting issues with each other to a minimum; add staff and make PRIVATE posts or use Hangouts to message them. The same goes with issues with mods, but direct them to owners. Mods, please follow the same protocol when it involves other mods.

7) When staff says something, stating clearly it's final, you are to not argue. Only those of higher stations (or themselves) can redact a decision.

8) Have fun! That's why we are here. If you aren't enjoying yourself in a respectful manner to everyone, you can find another form of entertainment. 

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Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Etc

The games skim over these topics, merely allowing the use or the latter two, and briefly mentioning the former one. Well, here is not a video game, meaning we don't need to worry as much since media won't demolish us for doing it (like they try with GTA and such). But, for the sake of various people, these topics are to be skimmed over. Rape, drunks, addicts, etc exist. But the details are not to be brought in.
Murders will also be skimmed over when you start with gruesome. The aftermath is one thing, the actions of it are not needed.

Keep this in mind when also dealing with other gruesome topics befitting for the Pre-War Fallout remnants, like the Vault projects. Fallout will always be cruel, but the details don't need to be said in this community. 

Faction Profile

~Basic Information~



~Member Information~



~Biographical Information~

Alignment: (Required)

Affiliations: (Required)

Influence: (Required)


**Theme:** (Optional) 

So, the Northwest Commonwealth lacks a lot. All it contains is tidbits thanks to an ancient and scrapped squad-based game, and a more recently scrapped MMO by the old Fallout company. All that seriously exists is from Fallout 1 and 2 with North California and southern Oregon, and mentions of things in the newer games.

As a result, the naming conventions for the regions are basic. For now, everything is just the state Wasteland. If you think of something cooler, you can pitch it here. Make sure you are clear on which part you mean, and please explain why. 

*Character Profile*

*~Basic Information~*






~Physical Information~
*Hair Color:*

*Eye Color:*

*Skin Tone:*








~Biographical Information~


*Weaknesses:* (Required)

*Alignment:* (DnD's Lawful-Chaotic Good-Evil system)

*Affiliations:* (Required including enemies or noting being entirely unknown)

*Relationships:* (Read above)

*Stats:* 1 min, 10 max per, 34 total


*Theme:* (Optional) 

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~The Issaquah~

A tribe based on the old Native Americans, they have settled in the ruined town, working to rebuild it like their "ancestors" would. They are mostly peaceful, though very territorial, including of their hunting grounds. 

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~The Great Khans~

Once a tribe of vicious raiders in the Mojave, they fled north to Idaho when New Vegas' Securitrons started to clear the land of any threats. There they have made a much more peaceful loving, forming multiple tribes around the mountains, unified with the natives. Not much is known of them since then. 
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Gangs of cruel and twisted people, they murder and steal for a living. Usually insane babbling nonsensical words in their manic rampages, they are a consistent threat everywhere. They can often be found in various locations making a camp and marking it with lots of sharpened sticks and people's remains. Despite their typical mania, it has been found that they act relatively normal when alone, often talking about various topics. 

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~The Shi~

A group of brilliant scientists, the ideologies of the NCR forced them to flee their old home of San Francisco. With the NCR's continued push north, they have been forced into the Oregon Wasteland, right on the shores of the Columbia River. Using the old dams, they have reconstructed their Steel Palace, ready to protect themselves properly this time with the aid of the Emperor. 

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~List of Locations~

Northern New California
Ghost Farm
San Francisco
Sierra Army Depot

Oregon Wasteland
The Den
Command forward depot
Fort Williamete
Banfield College
Toxic caves
Mount Hood

Idaho Wasteland

Washington Wasteland
Issaquah Nation
Capitol Hill
Seattle Underground
Mount St Helens
Vault 6
Mount Rainier
Vault 5

Alaska Wasteland
Aleutian research station
Chuhach Overlook Air Force Station
Elmendorf Air Force Base
Fire Island Air Force station
Brotherhood North American Forward Operations Base
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