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Is there a way to download.dmg files on iPad 2

thank you.

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I'm pretty happy with the new version 7.4.1 Google+ app for the iPad.

So far it seems to work flawlessly and has some cool new photo effects.

iPad users can now see "total page views" just like using a regular computer as well as "Google Reviews" that we posted.

I mainly access Google+ via my iPad so these new feature make life easier.

Can't wait till the next update !

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So cool ... I want one

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Not really an iPad gadget but still it's pretty cool ! #iPad #iphone

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This is something new ! How cool finally a flash drive for iPad

iPad tip ... If you want to do a screen capture on your iPad ... Press the power button and the home button at the same time. It will automatically take a snapshot of your current screen view and save it to your photos.

Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me what is the little black arrow pointing upwards in the top right hand corner of my iPad mini next to the battery icon mean . I don't how to get rid of it it's only just appeared yesterday thankyou for any help :)

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