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I'm getting sick and tired of people's stuff being marked as spam by G+ automatically because I can't see the notification that it was posted so I don't know that it was posted~


If you post here and your stuff doesn't show up in an hour, feel free to tag me to tell me that it may have been marked as spam~

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happy birthday germany!
(my artwork)

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This amazing person +Maple Sweater​ has made a game. An actual game. Play it!
I feel like I'm going to pass out from Anxiety, but the Demo of the game is finally here!

Follow the link at the bottom to go the download page! And don't forget to leave any feedback you might have! Feedback makes the game better!

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Does anyone know the font Italy's signature / the numbers are written in? I need to use it on a school project.

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Demon!America x Fem!Child!Reader — One Shot

Reader-Chan age: 3 Reader-Chan; your only a Toddler. You woke up from your nap and, at a (very) young age. You learn to fly with your wings and, tried decided to explore with your wings.

No harm right?

Well. For the King of gluttony or Alfred F. Jones? it is. Your his Daughter and, this  is going to scare him to bits.
Plus. What will Alfred think, When your MOM finds out??


"(fIRT NAME)! WHERE DID MY LITTLE PRINCESS GO?!?" A Demonic American Male yelled out as, he searched for his Daughter. "Fuck!!!!! Alice is going to fucken kill me for this!! She's only 3! A toddler who cant talk or, even walk and, she's missing!! She can't even fucken fly-! Fuck me and my Crown…" Alfred said out loud as, Face palmed himself for it. He realized that you probably learned to fly. "Fuck…" His wife - Arthur's or The King of Greed's Sister - Alice Kirkland, was in her room with Arthur having tea with him. Realization hit him that you probably went to find your Mother. "After this, I'm totally going to be installing a Air net for her crib so she doesn't try fly away now on…" He sighed and, went to try and find you.

~~*Time skip With YOU*~~

You were flying around with your cute small (Wing Colour)(Demon Type Wings). Your hair was (Red or Black), your eyes were (Green or Blue) and, you had pale Skin (Like your parents), you had your (Mom (Alice) or your Dad's (Alfred) Horn style) on the top of your head.  You woke up from your nap a hour ago and, you were trying - with your 3 year old memory - to find were your Mummy was since; she was having tea with your Fav Uncle - Arthur or you called him. Uncle Iggyboo… In your mind. You never did say your first words yet to be honest and, you just figured out on your own on how to fly (a little). You heard you Mom's & Uncle's accents/Voices from Alice's "Tea Room".

You fly in front of the door and, gently fell down onto your butt to slowly open the door without them noticing and, then you flew over to them. They didn't noticed until you pulled onto your mother's skirt.

"(F-First/Name)?!?" Alice said in shock as, she placed her cup on thr table and, then she picked you up and, placed you on her lap.

"And, how on earth did she get here-?!?" Your Uncle said, shocked. They both knew you were suppose to be taking your nap right about now. "The little Princess should be sleeping right about now…"

"I don't know but; I'll be talking to Alfred about this. He is the bloody father and, should be taking responsibility of our Daughter."

"Oh, I know Alice. I know. But; He is one of the most strongest Demons out there for sure." Arthur told his younger sister. You reached saw the cookies on the table and, tried to ask your mother for one. 

"Coo." You said softly. "Coo!!" You said louder and, pointing at the Cookies. Arthur chuckled in amusement. 

"Ah. Alright Sweetie but; try it once more!"

"Coo! Coo-Coookaies!! Cookies!! Cookie…??" You asked your Mom and, she kissed your chubby cheeks and, gave you a Cookie that you gladly ate with a innocent smile.

"Alice. You got that down and, then when she's older. Your going to be forcing her to be quiet." Arthur joked around his younger sister. He was proud of what you said though.

"Arthur…" She lightly whined but she sighed. "But; be proud of my little Princess!! She said her first words~!" She told her older brother as, she made sure you didn't fall out of her lap as well.

"I know, I know, Sister dear. I know… That idiot should be here any minute now-"

"l-Alice!! H-Have you seen (First/Name)…?? She… Flew out of her crib…"

"Right on Time as ever Alfred-!" He said, as he took a sip of his tea as, he realized what his Brother-in-Law said and, spit out his tea.


"(First/Name) is-! Oh… She found you, Alice… Hehe…"

"Alfred, what about our Little Princess-??"

"She flew out of her crib so; I'm going to be installing the Air net now, My de-dear" Alfred said, rubbing the back of his head with a slightly scared chuckle.

"So, (First/name) finally flew… A bit young… don't you think; Alfie??" Alice asked Alfred.

"Yea… true but; she did." Alfred told his Wife.

"Cookies!!! Coookkiiiieees!!!"

"Oh god. First words and, I missed it. Dang it-!!" (Alfred)

"Not really Alfie but; I still want to see if our little Princess can fly." (Alice)

"I say, She goes back for her nap… She still looks tired, to me." (Arthur)


"Alright. Let's get her to bed, then??" Alice said with a small smile. Alfred took two steps as, You looked at your father & giggled. You flew over to your Father and, landed in his arms. You passed out from exhaustion after that. "Looks like she can fly and, made her sleepy~! She's such a cutie."

"Ya, Ya. I'll get her to bed and, put on the Air nets in her crib now!!" Alfred lightly raised his voice to Alice and, left with a Sleeping you in his arms. "Night, my little Princess. Have good nightmares~" Alfred said, as he kissed your forehead and, walked out.

// I wrote this last year when I was on my IPod Touch & without my Tablet. I also posted this on my Quotev Account too. I might edit this later though. Also. The picture gave me the idea to create the One Shot BTW.
+Velvet Lumberjack™​​+Mika, AKA Fandom Trash​​+Roxanne A. Jones​​+Zao Wang​​+Arthur Oliver Kinklandღ​​+Dante Sparda​​+Auzora Starling​​+Madame Jinx​​+Laηку lσѕєя​​+Flavio Vargas​​+Strawberry Cakecheese​​+Andrés Hernández Carriedo​​+Julchen Beilschmidt​​+America​​+Alfred F. Jones​​ //

New Fanfiction I Am Trying To Work On:

Currently Untitled
Do Not Know Why I Started This When I Have So Many Unfinished Projects
Do Not Know Why I Am Typing Like This

It was a well-known fact that the Japanese held dearly an old legend regarding the Red String Of Fate. The Red String Of Fate was meant to tie together who were meant to be soulmates. No matter how far apart the two lovers are, the string will never break. It may stretch or tangle, but the connection will never end.
It isn’t a well-known fact that this bond wasn’t just folklore. Sure enough, every single person was connected to the person who was their one and only—well, typically. Aromantic people had ‘platonic soulmates, a kindred spirit one might say. Polyamorous people naturally had several bonds. Other than that, it was simple. You had one romantic bond. That person was the one who you had the greatest chance of being happy with, it was simple as that.
Or maybe not so simple.
The legend leaves out that their clear-sighted individuals who were given the gift by a higher power and often immortal could see the string and spend the eternities floating throughout time and space to push the mortals from all dimensions towards their true lover, or kindred spirit.
It still was more complicated then it sounded. See, humans had a sense of free will. They are not bound by their soulmate and most do not even know that they have one waiting for their love. They make irrational mistakes and give into temptation that they wouldn’t have tried if they knew who was out there.
Not to mention that the Immortals had their own business to attend to, and even their own soulmates to find. The problem was that while sometimes their lover was another Immortal, a lot of the time an Immortal had to choose to give up their immortality for their lover. An Immortal always did so for their human soulmate. There weren’t a lot of Immortals left now.
It just wasn’t fair. Humans loving the wrong humans, settling for someone that they need not settle with, their own meant-to-be millions of miles away. Not to mention archaic laws in some nations that make certain relationships taboo.
For an Immortal, it was often too much work. In fact, some of the Immortals had given up on their job entirely, the aggravating despondence of it all getting to them far too easily.
Such was the case of one certain Immortal, a boy born during the time of the Teutonic Knights, currently sitting in his flat off at Sixa Srewop Ailateh, the dimension from which the Almighty Power ruled over the lesser humans. It wasn’t too far from Earth, and the Immortals even had friends there, including the young man.

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Alright, how many of you guys have been watching the everysecondcounts videos?

They're hysterical~

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Go ahead and ask me if I ship insert any Hetalia ship here and I'll answer with one of the generic answers in the box that best matches my genuine opinion.
Why don't we make it a thing for Valentine's day in this group; On Valentine's day anyone can post ship art or fanfiction etc., And no one can hate on any ships. (Just no incest ships, maybe) Mods? Leader People? How bout it?

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It's for my OC (who I can't find any pictures of) Vienna
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