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This is my son
Name: James
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Species: Fox with 3 tails
Color: Blue

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Jelly: Hi, Pinch! This is Paula. Paula, Pinch.
Paula: Hi!
Pinch: Hello! Want a happy fish cookie?
Paula: Sure! (eats a cookie) Mmm. Tastes so good.
Peanut: Do you like it?
Paula: Yeah. I love it!
Jelly: Wow!
Paula: Thanks for having me here you guys.
Jelly: You're welcome.
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Jelly: You know what, Butter? I like having Paula with us.
Peanut: Yeah. Katy seems nervous to go with us.
Paula: I know all you people! I love you guys!
Jelly: See? I knew she'd like it.
Paula: Come here, Jelly! Give me a hug!
Jelly: Okay! (hugs Paula)
Paula: (hugs Jelly) I love being here. But where do you guys live?
Jelly: Lake Hoohaw.
Paula: Oh. Well I love being in Lake Hoohaw with you guys! Oh!
Peanut: What do you think, Paula?
Jelly: Okay, you can let go now, Paula.
Paula: Okay. Peanut, I think it's awesome!
Jelly: Say, are you nervous?
Paula: Nervous? Me? No. I'm excited!
Jelly: Oh, okay. You're excited.
Paula: Yay! I'm excited to be here!
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Ootsie and Bootsie: Hi, otters! Who is this?
Peanut: Oodelay, Ootsie and Bootsie! This is Paula. She's visiting us right now.
Paula: Hi, my name is Paula!
Ootsie: Hi, Paula. I'm Ootsie.
Bootsie: And I'm Bootsie.
Ootsie and Bootsie: And we're the Snooties!
Paula: Woah. I see that.
Peanut: Yeah.
Jelly: It usually started out somehow.
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Lincoln: Hi, Sunny, Sweety and Giggles! I see you three are pregnant.
Giggles: Yeah. I just got preggers the day before.
Sweety: I just took pregnancy test.
Sunny: I got pregnant on my own.
Leni: Don't forget, Crafty is pregnant!
Lori: Oh, I forgot, Leni. Thank you for reminding us.
Lincoln: I was right about that!
Sweety: Oh, thanks Lincoln! (kisses Lincoln)
Lincoln: (faints)
Leni: Giggles, can I feel your tummy?
Giggles: Sure.
Lori: Can I feel your tummy, Sunny?
Sunny: Sure! If you want to, yeah.
Lincoln: Can I feel your preggers tummy, Sweety?
Sweety: Sure.
(Lincoln, Leni and Lori rub Giggles, Sunny and Sweety's pregnant tummies)
Sweety: Thank you! :3
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Munchy: Peanut, I was about to ask Jelly what she wants for dinner!
Peanut: You can't! She's busy with Paula.
Paula: Yeah! I'm one of her best friends!
Jelly: Yeah! We hug. Right, Paula?
Paula: Right. (hugs Jelly)
Jelly: (hugs Paula) Does that mean we still belong together?
Paula: Yes.
Munchy: Jelly? What do you want for dinner?
Jelly: I want, uh, how do you say? Uh, pizza!
Paula: What?! That last slice of it when Sweety was preggers?
Munchy: Yes.
Peanut: That's it! We must battle!
Peanut, Jelly, Munchy and Paula: Yah! (reach the last slice)
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Flick: Hi, Peanut! Hi, Jelly! Who is that?
Jelly: That's Paula. She's coming with us now.
Paula: Hi. I'm Paula.
Flick: My name is Flick Duck. (shakes Paula's hand) You remind me of Jelly.
Jelly: Yeah. Both of our hairs are shorter, Paula. But our hair colors are different. My hair color is purple and yours is pink.
Paula: Yep. My hair is pink, yeah. (laughs) I replaced Katy.
Peanut: Oh, okay. Nice to have you here, Paula.
Paula: (laughs)
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Paula: Uh, guys? This doesn't look like pizza.
Peanut: For the love of God, what is it?
Clyde: It's nutrition paste. All part of the new and improved cafeteria menu.
Munchy: Wait, what?
Jelly: That doesn't make sense, Clyde.
Paula: I guess it's bon appetit, guys. I hate nutrition paste so much! Ooh! It makes me so mad!
Jelly: Me too! Thanks a lot, Clyde McBride.
Munchy: I kinda dislike nutrition paste.
Peanut: Nutrition paste is okay, but I prefer everything.
Butter: Nutrition paste!
Jelly and Paula: I guess Butter likes nutrition paste. (laughs)
Munchy: Does Butter like it? No. She loves it!
Paula: Well, what does she want to do now?
Jelly: She needs to eat it all.
Butter: Yay! (laughs, eats the nutrition paste)
Paula: Alright, they actually took away our dinner, obviously. (shrugs)
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Munchy: Gimme a huggy! (hugs Jelly) I love you!
Jelly: Munchy? What the fuck are you doing?
Peanut: That's fine with me.
Paula: That's weird. Gimme a hug.
Sweety: Okay. (opens arms)
Paula: Okay, not too tight, because you're pregnant.
Sweety: Okay. (hugs Paula gently) That better?
Paula: Yep. That's better.
Jelly: Hi, Paula.
Paula: Hi! (hugs Sweety)
Sweety: Paula, you hugged me back!
Paula: I did? I did!
Jelly: You know, Sweety, you have to be careful, if you hug too tight, you'll end up giving birth.
Munchy: I'll let go of you now.
Jelly: Okay. I'm done.
Sweety: I'm good on that.
Paula: Okay, Sweety, you can let go now.
Sweety: Okay! I'll let go of you.
Paula: I'm going to hug Jelly.
Jelly: Come here, Paula!
Paula: I'm coming! (hugs Jelly)
Jelly: (hugs Paula) I haven't seen you in a while!
Paula: Me neither!
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Lisa: I love you Sniffles!
Sniffles: Uh, okay?
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