Is this community also dead

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Name Hunter Thomas

Age 18

Gender Male

Species human demon eyes

Likes music and being with my friends

Personality calm and friendly

Relatives +Maybell Wolf​ little sis
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Sitting on a bench, Myth has a black sword with runes engraved onto it that is currently hilted in his scabbard. Alright I wonder if anyone took this course... Because I know guns are good, but swords are better in my opinion.

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Name: Ash Neff Heartless

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Teaches: Dark Arts (rituals and such), Gym, demon taming, and Shadow Magic

Likes: books, shadows, a cold drink of any kind, and the occasional sweets

Dislikes:, school bullies, being disrepected, and self intitaled little twits who think they are better then everyone

Personality: usually patient and kind most of the time but there are certain ways to get him angry and very easily

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Name: Liam/princess the kitty
Age: unstable
Gender: unstable
Species: normally a neko
Powers: Liam can make himself or anything he touches into whatever he wants and princess has destruction magic
Other: Liam and princess where two different people until princess died Liam took her soul in allowing her to use his power to make his body hers as she takes over allowing her to use her powers and protect Liam who is kind and weak
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This place sounds interesting xD but wether to be teacher or student is the question

Hay thanks
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