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New ranks
Modz and leaders:
+Ninja Fisto +Johnny Cage +Sarath The commando +Brawl King +Guardian Morohtar +Revan Shan +LO8888 202k 
Leader of rebellion: +Guardian Morohtar
Leader of empire: +Revan Shan
Log makers:  +Ninja Fisto +LO8888 202k +Kylo Ren
Thank you!

RP on coments

RP on comments


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Blood Rose: anyone wanna train with me? // #OpenRP #AllWelcome //
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I'm still waiting to be approved
Birth name: CT(not CP)2187
Code name: breaker
Nickname:Holden (note I use that because 1 it's my real name and 2 breaker isnt a great name for a Jedi)
Force sensitive: yes
Weapons: 2 curved hilt green lightsabers, standard arc trooper equipment, self designed gauntlets (he made a lot for his clone squad aka the force squad)
Most devastating losses: rook and BA
Picture: my profile picture
Rank: Jedi Master/clone captain
Cybernetics: 2 inches from the knee down is cybernetic, but on +Lt. Ghost​ knows about it, who also helped him in the battle of geonosis when he lost it
Quotes: (to a sith) you are a fool sith, approaching a Jedi cloned from the Galaxy's best Jedi killer
Origin:a large sample of midiclorion dna leaked into the jango Fett Dna, creating CT 2187
Major battles: geonosis, sarish, and a lot more

Okay boys. Time to reboot. For real this time

how is everyone

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Which is the better legion/regimeant/corps/attack battalion?
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501st Legion
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41st Regiment
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327th Star Corps
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212th Attack Battilion

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- Rose Trains with her team, being one of the best -
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