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Character Template:


Species: (Droid included, but cant be force sensitive if so, unless cyborg)



Team: (Sith/Jedi/Neutral(bounty hunter, ciizen, etc.)

Weapon: Saber color should be said here

Force sensitivity:

Attributes: (Examples include: Warrior, Pilot, Clone trooper, Etc.)

Positive Features;

Negative Features: (please include at least one as nobody is perfect)



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Name: Trade Federation Tactical Analysis and Command Droid

Species: Battle Droid

Gender: None

Age: Was built 3 months after the Federation defeat on Naboo

Team: Trade Federation/CIS

Weapon: E-5 blaster

Force sensitivity: no

Attributes: General

Positive Features; Tactically programmed to be cunning and efficient

Negative Features: Uses total war, doesn't care about Soldier losses, and is not used to CIS droids.

Personality: Was designed to win, thinks collectively

Bio: After the defeat on Naboo, the Trade Federation invested in a smart Droid to lead their forces. The Trade Federation Tactical Analysis and Command Droid is the only of its kind and was programmed especially well. It's greatest weakness is inexperience with newer types of droids like Super Battle Droids and later models. However it learns fast.

" One mustn't dwell on the past. You should just forget it and get ready for tommorow. After all, tomorrow's the first day of the rest of your life!"

Name: Kara Polai
Species: Twi'lek cyborg, dark green color
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Skills: Mechanical Understanding, Jedi Knighthood, Marksmanship, Piloting
Weapon of choice: An Ezra-style blaster/saber (colored green), with a power dial so the bolts don't just stun. Not quite Solomon's favorite detail.
Good Traits: Excellent fighter and pilot, quite determined and trustworthy
Bad Traits: She's a bit of a risk-taker. Also forgets to focus at times.
Personality: A joy-filled warrior who always manages to stay smiling, even in extreme pain.
Bio: On her homeworld of Ryloth, Kara was fascinated with droids. At the age of five, she even tried to repair an R4-P series droid without any blueprints. Of course, the droid caught on fire, fell back into the east wall, and set the building ablaze. Kara and her family barely escaped, and the young girl reached towards the local water tower, almost as if she could pull the whole thing down and save her home. Miraculously, the tower fell forward, and the Polai fire was extinguished before it spread.
Kara's parents, seeing the girl's Force abilities, brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training. The Jedi Grand Master, Solomon, took it upon himself to train the girl, and her power only grew. Her knighthood ceremony was the best day of her life; but, it could have gone much differently, as Solomon sneezed whilst cutting the faux Padawan braid.
As a Jedi Knight, Kara went on many quests; on one voyage,she bought a silver and red astromech droid, R2-X6 from a group of pirates for a large bag of Galactic Credits; this bag had a tracking device in it that let the Order keep tabs on them. Her story would change, though, as, soon after, she was tasked with capturing the pirates. Enraged that he had not been tasked with the mission, Ishmael Rolyat rampaged, not only leaving the Order, but also killing several younglings, severely wounding others, and severing Kara's right arm, left leg, and left lek, as well as carving out her right eye. Medical droids on Polis Massa made prosthetic repairs, but she would never be the same. But if there was one thing Rolyat hadn't taken from her, it was her eternally joyful attitude. She's also weaponized her R2 unit, much to Solomon's dismay, and can fire a blaster with deadly precision. Which he ALSO isn't too keen on, I would think.

"A wise Jedi once said, 'Use the force for knowledge and defense; never for attack.' I feel that, wise as I am, foolish, I was, for allowing such a powerful man to fall. Sorry for Ishmael, I feel, that he has chosen this path. Sorrier for myself, I should be; he left on my watch. Now a weapon of destruction, he is. So foolish am I, to have allowed him to experience the Force at that height."

Name: Solomon
Species: Unknown (but it's same as Yoda)
Gender: Male
Age: 472 basic years
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Weapon: Prefers none, but has blue lightsaber
Force sensitivity: Very high; at 19,843 midi-chlorians, off the scale for many Jedi
Attributes: Jedi leader, wise Master, trained by Ike Lozar, trained Kara Polai and Ishmael Rolyat
Positive Features: Wise, quick to resolve conflicts, skilled in Form VI lightsaber combat
Negative features: Known to blame himself for error at some points, forgets to care about his apprentices occasionally
Personality: A wise Jedi Master whom anyone can have a good chat with.
Bio: Solomon was mysteriously found at age two aboard a spice freighter on a Kessel Run. The pilots, wanting to stay under the radar from the Trade Federation,( because no empire yet, but I wanted a Kessel run anyway), decided to unload on the way, leaving the baby to die on a remote world. Luckily, the Jedi sensed the boy's high midichlorian count, and picked him up before he starved to death.
Now, four and a half centuries later, he teaches younglings the legends that his master, Ike Lozar, taught him. He personally trained the young Twi'Lek adept, Kara Polai, and later the immature Ishmael Rolyat, as Padawans, and stopped when Ishmael went AWOL, severely wounding several of Solomon's younglings and his star pupil, to the point where many were unable to fight past death. Solomon's efforts to keep the Jedi Order in one piece seem to be working, and his wisdom and strength in the Force make him a powerful ally- if you can get him to want to fight, as he tends to think violence is never the answer.

My Profile .

Name: Ishmael Rolyat.

Species: Human.

Gender: Male.

Age: 40.

Team: Sith.

Weapon: A cross between a saber staff (Darth Maul's) and a cross-guard saber (Kylo Ren''s), with an orange crystal.

Force sensitivity: Extremely High, the exact same as Solomon's to be precise, Jut evil.

Attributes: Sith Leader

Positive Features: Perseverance, Leadership skills.

Negative Features: Evil, Untrustworthy.

Personality: He is a very immature and rude Sith lord, as he feels that is how the Jedi treated him.

Bio: Thrown out of the Jedi order, Ishmael decided to go on his own path, taking up other cast out Jedi to form a Sith army. His motto is: A hero with no Villain is Useless, while a Villain with no hero is successful.

His personal ship is amusingly disguised as VW bus (a hippie van), Which was Ishmael's favorite vehicle before leaving the Jedi order, who would not let him build it. (Posibly another incentive for leaving).

He spends his day in his Palace on Moriband, plotting against the Jedi.

Lore: (Takes place In a different universe than normal Star Wars) The CIS is ruled by Sith Lord, Ishmael Rolyat +Plerp Isaiah(Human) who was tragically thrown out of the jedi order for his "improper use of power" The jedi order Governed by a council, ((who's main leader is Jedi Master Solomon +Gabriel Taylor(yoda's species)). They have been at war ever since.

Ishmael's main weapon is currently his army of sith and assassins,though he is working on an even greater weapon, The SkySaber: it's like the death star but a giant it's light saber that can slice planets clean in half. While Solomon's is wisdom and knowledge.

Ishmel's current project is mining out Kyber crystals from the caves of the planet Illum. Solomon's is a beskar-infused shield system to protect planets from the SkySaber.


1. No Characters from normal Star Wars, you must create your own.

2. You may have relationships, but they can't be Homo and the other person must agree.

3. Battles can be joined by anyone (within reason, example: someone on Mustafar cant join a battle on Kashykk without finishing the RP on Mustafar or moving that RP to Kashykk).

4. Characters cant be too OP.

5. Respect mods.

6 Follow rules 1-5. (I know this rule is a paradox in itself)

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