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Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy! Here at Hope's Peak, only the best of the best are chosen to attend.

To ensure a safe and rich environment for our students here, we strictly require you to follow the rules and instructions given below:

1) - To become a mod, I must see that you are trustworthy, and reliable. If you happen to be eligible, I'll ask you if you wanna be a mod or not.

2) [NEW RULE/VERY IMPORTANT] - Monokuma, a strange looking bear, is the principal at Hope's Peak. He can interrupt roleplays in many different ways. When you make a roleplay, you should indicate if you want to allow Monokuma to enter the roleplay, or not. If you don't add anything in your roleplay regarding this, Monokuma will just ask in the comments if he can join the roleplay. You can also tag *** (Monokuma) too.

*3) [NEW RULE] - No godlike characters; in other words, they can't instantly kill anyone, be OP, or be invincible.

4) - Feel free to ask questions concerning me and/or this community in the *"Questions & Help"** tab.

*5) - Treat mods fairly, even if you disagree with a decision they make. If you feel like their decision was downright wrong, you can report it in the *"Moderator Complaints"** tab.

*6) - You may tag community staff (Owner, moderators) in case we don't spot a character profile waiting for approval.

7) - Do not forget to post in the correct tabs.

8) - Moderators can do the following exclusive actions: Delete someone else's post for a good reason, and approve profiles (Expect canon Danganrompa characters). Yes I know, there is barely any, so feel free to suggest any actions that I should add.

9) - You can suggest new rules or moderator privileges in the *"Suggestions"** tab.

10) - Existing Danganronpa characters are not allowed, unless you are a moderator.

11) - Characters are allowed to be killed, but you must ask me the other person in order to kill their OC. Killing someone is STRONGLY recommended to be done in a private post, because you'll be easily found out during a class trial.

12) - You can make a clone of the same OC, in case your old one was killed or executed, but you must state that it's a clone or that you've previously died.

15) - Roleplaying as Monokuma is not allowed, only I can.

16) - There can be more than 1 of the same Ultimate.

17) - Refer to the Character Profile Template below for making a student profile:

{Character Profile Template}

(An *asterisk means that filling out that form is optional.)

Name: _

Ultimate Talent:_
(Students Only)

^Ultimate Teaching Profession:
(Teachers Only)






Hair Color:

Eye Color:


Personality: _

*Secret: (No body else they have previously known are not aware of their secret)




Likes: _



__Please feel free to recommend a new rule or suggestion to this community. We look forward having you here at Hope's Peak!_
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{Character Profile Template}

(An asterisk means that filling out that form is optional.)

Name: _ Akihiro Sasaki

Ultimate Talent:_ Ultimate Prince
(Students Only)

^Ultimate Teaching Profession: N/A
(Teachers Only)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Age: 16

Birthday: 29/7 (in uk days)

Zodiac: Leo

Hair Color: Gray with streaks of black

Eye Color: Blue

*Height: 120 Centemeters

Personality: He's the mix of Byakuya Togami and Makoto Neigi personality wise witha bit of royal junko in there

*Secret: (No body else they have previously known are not aware of their secret) His secret is that he unlegitatmitly joined the royal family

*Friends: Byakuya , Makoto, Aoi, Sakura

Family: The king: Ayoki Sasuki
The queen: Ata Sasuki

*Crush: Unknown

Likes: _ "If you must ask I like bitter sweet stories, stories which end in disturbing ways.

Dislikes "I dislike the idea that princes are hero to all princesses personally id prepher if they stayed with there crooked 'mother'"

Bio~_ Unknown

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Whyzzzzzz ot dead

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ıŋƙ ཞơʂɛ:..... ℘℘Ɩ ཞ ʂơ ıŋƈąɬơ۷ɛ ŋơῳ ąŋɖ ɖąყʂ

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In your freetime, you decided to check up on Karu. No reason in particular you just kinda... wanted to.

You knocked on her door... no answer. A sudden wave of unease fell over you as you knocked again, no answer...

You attempted to kick open the door, the anxiety just wouldn't leave you alone; the door flew open as you called out Karu's name.

As soon as you reached her bathroom door and slowly opened it, you saw it... Karu's body hanging by a noose, you backed against the wall in shock. Karu was dead; there was no denying that.


Open wound on her upper abdomen

Teared pieces of light red cloth, presumably from her kimono

Her facial expression. She was smiling. But, why?

A dagger commonly used by a wiccan, its stained with blood

You walk into her closet to find more clues, you find:

A note, "I wish for you all to live."

An assortment of different daggers

Candles, one looks like it was lit up

A shelf full of thick rope

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LOL, look what I made, X3
Lol, tell my about the size kf Monokuma should be a tad bit bigger,or if Junko is to big!!! I’lledit it and send you the results!, i tried my best to make them look like dangronpa, they didnt have big pig-tails and light-pink-hair so, heres the results!
I used;
Gatcha Studios

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◤ Loading… ◢

◤ 20% ◢

◤ 50% ◢

◤ 75% ◢

◤ 100% ◢

Loading complete: Continue?

--> ✔ Yes ✕ No



"If all these despair-inducing things are going to kept happening, we need to prepare ourselves for the worst... If you don't do what you can to the best of your ability, then you're helpless in these circumstances."

First Name~ Yuta
Middle Name~
Last Name~ Asahina

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Athlete

Age~ 15
Mental Age~ 15
Physical Age~ 16

Gender~ Male
Sexuality~ Heterosexual

Blood Type~ O
Nationality~ Japanese

Height~ 5'5
Weight~ 130 lbs

Relationship Status~ Single
Love Interest~ None (Open)

Personality~ Yuta is energetic and cheerful, even in difficult situations. He appears very friendly. He is also very naive and rather oblivious to most things.

He appears to like sports and used to be part of his school's track and field team. Yuta is shown to be extremely confident in his swimming skills, though he admits that his sister has always been better than him.

Similar to his sister, Yuta isn't very smart and can be headstrong. As stated by Toko Fukawa, "like idiot sister, like idiot brother."

Occupation~ Student
Hair Color~ Brown
Eye Color~ Blue

-Older Sister~ Aoi Asahina

Friends~ Aoi Asahina, Komaru Naegi

Birthday~ September 4

Zodiac Sign~ Virgo

Nervous Habit~ Yuta isn't very smart and can be headstrong. This tends to show when he is nervous.

⨳0 - Worst then worst⨳
⨳1 - Extremely Poor⨳
⨳2 - Very Poor⨳
⨳3 - Poor⨳
⨳4 - Below Average⨳
⨳5 - Average⨳
⨳6 - Above Average⨳
⨳7 - High⨳
⨳8 - Very High⨳
⨳9 - Exceptionally High⨳
⨳10 - Perfect; Flawless⨳

Health: 9/10
Strength: 8/10
Stamina: 9/10
Speed: 9/10
Flexibility: 8/10
Reflexes: 9/10
Intelligence: 6/10
Creativity: 7/10
Charisma: 8/10
Social Skills: 8/10
Confidence: 10/10
Style: 8/10
Humor: 8/10
Passion: 10/10
Spirituality: 6/10
Discipline: 8/10
Neatness: 7/10

Voice~ Upbeat, Active

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