Name: Turin Ramiel

Nickname: Wisecrack

Age: 17

Godly Parent: Athena

Powers: Wisdom (But very limited), Elegant Lance training

Likes: Reading, Meditating, Training

Dislikes: Monsters, most mortals

Weapons: Lance

Personality: Doesn't prefer the company of other camps besides Apollo campers and his brothers/sisters of Athena. He doesn't trust Hermes children after Kronos and Luke.

Looks like:

Short black hair, had stormy grey eyes with small bits of green in it, he wears overalls over his orange camp t-shirt and sometimes jeans.

Bio: As the only son of Eric Ramiel, his father did everything he could to protect his only heir in spite of Athena's advice to him that Turin's fate cannot be stopped. When the time came for him to go the Camp, his father threatened the satyr, however Turin wanted to go. So, they went in secret and just as they got halfway to camp, a Canadian (Please get that joke, it's in the books) shot an arrow into Turin's left eye, nearly killing him. Since then, he refused to ever pick up a bow and hated monsters with a fiery passion. Quests give him the satisfaction of reducing their numbers. Lately, Chiron has kept him away, for his fate is upon him.

Midnight Ebony Lace
Age: 16
Godly Parent:Athena
Weapon of Choice: Spatha
Secret: Loves Spiders
Vibe: Outcast

Hi i love spiders I know how the Hades can you like spiders when you are a daughter of Athena well i dont know I just remember they have feelings too and how would you feel of your mum was an eight legged animal with a bazillion eyes and you got killed and stepped on because of the way you look

Hi my name is Midnight I am a daughter of Athena but i have a secret back home when I had no idea what I was you know ... Well anyway I had a pet tarantula I brought him and well it didn't go so well im kind of an out cast now but Annabeth was always nice so i hope you'll except me to

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I sat there on the beach holding his picture.I stared at the water,thinking: I hope he comes back.I heard some one say my name, I quickly put the picture away.I saw Nico Di Angelo,he saw the picture and snatched it out my pocket he starred at it."who is this blond guy with blue eyes?" he said.I snatched it back and said "no one." He said "come on lil sis." I replied"no!" And stomped away.

Godly parent:Hades
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