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Enter is a greeter for lightdm. Wrtitten in python and use the efl lib's.

What's the story with Connection Manager in E19? while i still had Network Manager in Ubuntu 14.04.1 64 the Wireless worked (after uninstalling Net Mgr and installing Conn Man for E19 it's dead...???

Haven touched Enlightenment in a while...running do i edit Application menu items?

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Easy File Manager is a free app for all Android and i phone,it provide easy access all type of file like that movie, videos,song,document and many more for your mobile and computer.

how to get entrance for enlightenment17?

Just installed Enlightenment 17 today in Arch. Works good the only problem is that starts on a black screen, right after the splash, I would like some help fixing this behavior .
My hardware is an ATI mobility Radeon 7500 in Thinkpad T-42, single processor.
I did try disabling composing, I also change the rendering from software x11 to openGL, I disabled splash and enabled it again, same behavior.
I can only get a working enviroment if I press Ctrl+Alt-F2, follow by Alt-F7.
Weird thing is If I plug a secondary monitor and start the computer the desktop starts fine on that monitor while on the laptop reminds black.
How can I change that behavior?

I will appreciate all advice.

Anyone interested in creating LISP bindings for Enlightenment?

Anyone using e17 on fedora 19? Also are you using terminology?

im back i think i got it this time watch  E go,  E17  Meets E5 
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