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Alright so there's about to be a new arc in order, if you would like to participate then tag yourself to this post. This Arc is basically a reset to all other arcs that been stated in this community, meaning we're doing everything new here. New Order, New Ranks, New Positions. I'm doing a clean sweep. It's time to let go of the past and in with the new.

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Name: dashy 
Age: unknown
Gender: female
Bio: from a different realm(princess from that realm)
Powers: Teleporting, time and space, sheld, healing, and super, werehog, dark
Weakness: losing her powers by a rare gem
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//just getting myself a fast way to get into the community on my slow phone//

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name: William Tunstell
Gender: Male
crush: N/A
Weakness Loses the chaos energy.
Nickname(s): Will
Species: hedgehog
Age: 19
Date of birth: March 2 1999
Hometown: mobius
Occupation/Job: Freedom fighter leader commander
Powers: Chaos ground pound and ring blade power slash and super speed and super strength
Weapons: Ring blades m60e4 and gravity hammer
Other Items: Heavy backpack
Other Abillities/Talents: A skilled marksman and marshallarts and all kinds of powers
Personallity: silent friendly nice and enjoyable badass
Height: 6.7
Weight: 184
Eye Color: Left eye red and right eye silver
Fur Color(s): black and red quills
Natural Appearance: Black and red and silver tactial suit with a black and red camouflage combat backpack
Weaknesses: lose the chaos emeralds and die.
Strengths: all
Forms: All transformations
Goals: has defeated eggman and does a lot of stuff to help.
Likes: Making friends food video games and comic books hangout and assisting and blowing stuff up and running
Dislikes: Cold pizza and people who are not proper and and there disgusting and rude people and losing friends
Allies: (Friends) the freedom fighters
Enemies: Eggman and his empire
Level Unlocked 48

Health Point: 9699

Damage: ** 1000

Speed: ****** 100

strengh:******** 100
Fears: Losing friends and not helping some bugs
Bio/Backstory: Born in march 2 in the late 1990s 1999 as a cybernitic and robotized hedgehog william tunstell is a freedom fighter highly trained and deadly he likes hanging out with the team he once lead a group of freedom fighters in 2013 in 2014 he was a sergeant with antoine and a leader assisting were he commands a squad in 2015 and 2016 william was blowing up by a wear head and is badly wounded and nearly killed by the missile explosion william is now on his feet and still up running and highly active thx to his new freedom fighter mates and doctor does some research that he is a highly trained freedom fighter with techniques and also works for any freedom fighter team in 2004 william was a 5 year old her joined a group a special forces called the acorn army well he is trained and also a elite of the squadron and is the best freedom fighters also he like to joined to freedom fighter and manage to follow sonic and sally and any freedom fighters foot steps and in 2016 he was a part of team twilight when he was 17 and he is one of the popular freedom fighters ever and can be parts of any squadron in 2017 he is one of andrews best friends and a member of team twilight and the freedom fighters. after xion and nicole saved him from a fire. he was given a new body that kimia made for him with dr chuck and dr elidy and he joined the freedom fighters shortly after this. later on, andrew met him and ruby at radiant garden and he became good friends with him and allowed him and ruby to join team twilight
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I did change my OC's informations and other, plus I left the community because I did left the Sonic fandom until now.






Lighting Fist (Happens rare chance to power up)

Angry, Knows what to do, smart, reckless, slients, Happy.

Being alone, Sushi, Mutifights, does anything for money, ect.
Being forced to help others, Being told what to do, getting yelled at, Losing in a fight, Getting called"Weak", Shadow The Hedgehog, Mention of his past.

Water, Needles, Hostile, Being an hostile.

Guill was an simple wildcat until both of his parents were killed by an assassin, at the age of 13 Guill never forget about his parents, Guill trained at an Martial arts school for 5 years while he's living in the school since it has an campsite. At the age of 18 he was ready, so Guill made his own house and cook his own foods for survival, but Guill was stealing like an thief but he hidden himself that ever finds or see or even knows him but he loves to fight because that's been his life, Guill's only wish to see his parents again but never came true, Guill also have an hateful side for everyone that he never trusted anyone for ANYTHING, but everything he sees the Freedom Fighters had an hard time in battle, Guill unknowingly finish fast as possible than he disappear into the darkness. 12 years later at age of 28, Guill dressed himself appropriate since he has to fit into the real world, Guill tried to change everything about himself.

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sitting down alone and just playing my guitar


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bean was sitting ontop of a tree branch , spinning a bomb on his fingers
"heh heh. who shall be my next target to give a little scare?~"
bean chuckled to himself as he waited for an unlucky passerby

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here my profile
Name: Damien The MetalWolf
Age: 27
Friends: i don't have much friend's
Role in the hooligans: Hire for any type of job
Likes: helping people
Nicknames: Demon
Abilities: Metal arms and and metal legs and move quick and good combat skill
Enemies: mostly people who want to kill me
Personality: i'm nice type of guy like have fun and get job done
Gender: Male

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hi there please meet you all
playing my guitar

Would it be necessary to be an animal? Is this roleplay closed for only specific people? I'm not sure because I haven't really done anything here.

Name: Cyan

Physical Age: 24

Apparent Age: 12.

Species: Lab-created specimens, capable of many things. Takes the physical form of a hedgehog.

Gender: Male.

Weapons: Cape morphed into Sword, 2-in-one armcannon and laser sword, really good throwing ability.

Powers: Telekinesis, generic energy attacks, morphing (He can't copy powers though)

Weakness: Cannot use powers on people that are currently using telekinesis on him, also really doesn't like getting kicked in the back. In "Universal" worlds, where there is no specific theme, his forms are much weaker.

Bio: After being created in an unknown lab, he was thrown into several universes, slowly finding new powers. Eventually he mastered the ability to journey between worlds and telekinesis. He has yet to meet his creator, although it is unknown.
Name: Floats

Species: Fox

Gender: Female

Powers & Abilities: Magician

Personality: Very aggressive. Respects anyone who can do real magic that surpasses hers.

Clothes: A yellow suit, with a white buttoned underhirt. A red bowtie and a yellow tophat, sporting a dark-green ribbon that ends with a flower head. The hat is rather crooked on her head.

Bio: It's unknown how she came to meet Marine, but she's more or less her adoptive sibling.

Name: Marine

Species: Fox

Fusion of: Cobalt and Indigo

Age: 15.

Height: Slightly above average

Side: Good/Neutral

Gender: Female.

Weapons: Cyan's medallion.

Powers: Telekinesis, portals.

Abilities: Musician.

Weakness: Not the best at defence.

Clothes: Magenta/green boots and gloves with trapezoid and diamond bracelets. A red beret. A green-blue gradient hoodied jacket. Sometimes wears a costume modeled after Adeleine from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Bio: At a young age, they were trapped in a war, after a bomb hit her house, she discovered her fusion properties. Eventually meeting Cyan, they would become close friends. Cyan eventually forged a medallion out of his own dust to grant Marine his powers.


Name: Indigo

Gender: Unknown. Uses "she" pronouns.

Fusion component of: Marine

Height: Very smol.

Weakness: No arms, can't speak except for squeaking in morse code. Apparently has same power level as Marine.

Clothes: Magenta/green thigh-socks. Generic skirt & t-shirt.


Name: Cobalt

Gender: Male

Fusion component of: Marine

Height: Average.

Weakness: Nerfed abilities.

Clothes: White gloves, with a trapezoid shaped gem on his belt. Tan jeans and a blue coat with a white undershirt.
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