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Code Name:Black
Real Name: Unknown
Height: 6'4
Age: Unknown
Weapon: A spear chain,Kunai Knife and Ice Blade
Power: Darkness,Ice and fire (in black)
when I was young and I live in a nice village where everyone happy and safe.One day,My family was Killed by a unknown clan.
I ran away from my village and never came back. 2 day later I join a clan called the Arashikgen.After 10 year, I was killed by a unknown and i was reborn.Now I am a Mercenary and a ninja, I capture and kill that person who stand in my way.

What should we do my shadow clan member 

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Thanks for 11 member 

 +Thomas Fellson  +Lazaur the Lightning Wolf 
what should we do now

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i know this is the wrong spot but i didnt know where to put him
Code name: Lazarus 
Name: thomas fellson
Height: 6'1
weight: 200
weapons: twin Katanas 
Martial arts: demons flame and thousand swords dance
powers: shadow control
status: grey (basically a mercenary that works for both sides if it pays)
Bio: born into a world of hatred I always kept to myself fearing others and always wanting deaths kiss, i died on the day of the tenth celebration of my birth burned alive by the people i cared most for i was reborn in deaths pallace where he raised me to be his ultimate tool taking the souls of those who defied him, i honed my skills as a martial artist and grew in the ranks of deaths army achieving lieutenant by the age of 15 and staff sergeant by 18 i left at the age of 25 on a mission to claim two souls who were cheating my master and father. my name is thomas fellson and i am the grim reaper

I jump forward just missing your sword and lash back with my dagger then jump backwards again whoo! you are a hard worker. 

did any one see snake eye

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I sneak stealthily through the garden and into the shrine. it was yet dark but only a few hours till sunrise. I had been out with friends, drinking sake and playing cards as usual and was sneaking back before my master awoke. he usually made me do hard tasks if he found me sneaking back or away at night. suddenly I freeze and turn around slowly seeing you standing in the doorway to the kitchen...

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code name: Vivian or tyrian.
name: Aquila Bao
age: 17
height: 5' 7"
weight: 120
weapons: broad sword, longbow, and belt of daggers.
martial arts: ninjitsu, jujitsu, and general martial arts.
powers: part wolf so I have super senses and speed.
status: somewhere in between.
bio: ever since war struck our town I have wandered, my family and friends died and I ran away to a great shrine where many warriors were trained. at first they would not admit me because I was a woman but when the master saw my great ability he decided to train me separately. I grew greatly in strength and agility and soon I became second master, I could train the novices and give advice to all. however, we were attacked by a hoard of ronin. my master was killed and many of the warriors training there were driven away or taken hostage or just killed. I narrowly escaped from a back gate leading ten of our number but being not as strong as I they slowly perished of hunger and disease. I now know no friend, ally, master, or acquaintance. I live, work, and survive alone. I am obliged to no one.
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