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CB&I has been awarded a material supply contract for an ethylene expansion project.

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Savage will provide industrial rail switching operations at Saudi Aramco’s natural gas plants.

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Fate of world oil and natural gas by Dr. Daniel FIne
full article=> "American crude oil production will break new records this summer, exceeding 9.5 million barrels per day and then moving up to 10 million. Once at 10 million, the U.S., along with North American (Canadian) imports of over 3 million barrels, will be at the gate of oil energy self-sufficiency, with less than 20 percent overseas imports to go.

Now here's the hard part: at what price, or supply-demand scenario? Saudi Arabia is about to sell 5 percent of Saudi Aramco, expecting demand growth at 1 percent per annum. After the IPO sale, this should raise $145 billion to support diversification of its economy. A Middle East Silicon Valley? Not so fast: see what happened to the great Wellington Hedge Fund, which has lost everything betting on future "Facebook" start-ups.

Ultimately, oil in Saudi Arabia would still have reserves to bail out losses on Silicon Valley venture capital bets. In short, Saudi spare or excess capacity to dominate its own world demand forecast is on standby. Argentina shale oil and work-over of the Gulf of Mexico, along with deployment of onshore shale technology and the opening of the Russian Arctic with join-venture partners with technology play (horizontals and stimulation) know-how, and these are some reasons behind a 2019 Second Downturn, which appears likely."

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OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report – April' 2017 - PDF Format
OPEC Monthly #Oil Market Report – April' 2017

Summer #oil market outlook

Feature article: Summer #oil market #outlook

#Oil market highlights

#Crude #oil price movements

#Oil & #Gas Commodity markets

World #oil demand

World #oil supply

Product markets and #refinery operations

#Oil #Tanker market

#Oil trade

#Petroleum #Stock movements

#Oil & #Gas Balance of #supply and #demand

U.S. #Gas Production #Forecasts

Current U.S. #Shale #Gas Production

Major U.S. #Shale #Gas Plays

The Context of U.S. #Gas Production


#Drilling Deeper - Part-3 - #Shale #Gas

Standard Handbook of #Petroleum and #Natural #Gas #Engineering - Vol. 2

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Xanthan Gum Market Size By Application (Oil & gas, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook (U.S., Russia, Germany, Netherlands, China, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia), Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016 – 2023

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OC-F08 fixed gas detector installed in the production workshop to inspect the gas concentration.

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FinCo has announced that it will be expanding its downstream activities in the Netherlands over the course of 2017.

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Emerson has announced it is targeting US$1 trillion in industry losses with its operational certainty programme.

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HyGear has announced it has signed a long term hydrogen supply contract with Saint-Gobain.
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