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My talk on Latency Sensitive Microservices at QCon London 2017

I'm thinking about submitting a JavaOne proposal looking at the overhead incurred by an open-source Java APM (application performance monitoring) solution.

What would you like to see in this kind of a talk? What would really impress you?


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Spot Checking Apache Cassandra 3.0 Performance Hotspots
This article attempts to verify the accuracy of a previous Apache Cassandra hotspot analysis captured after many benchmarks iterations in which that bytecode instrumentation is adapted, both online and offline, based on what is learnt from the performance model exported after each stress test. #profiling #satoris #cassandra

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Stupid mistakes people Make when they don't use JMH (Use Case)

Unsafe users; I noticed a strange issue in Unsafe.allocateMemory, (specifically the read performance of memory allocated with Unsafe.allocateMemory(...) is dependent on the primitive TYPE (int or long) (not its value) you pass to the allocateMemory method.  Tried (2) Sun JVMs and (1) OpenJDK VM (Zulu) and got the same results... I realize this isn't a Q&A board, but seems like (if I'm right)  people here could be affected. 

I would like either some corroboration or correction on my assertions  on other platforms I'm Windows 7 (more details and code on gitHub) 

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Strings in Java by Performance Czar Aleksey Shipilev.  

What you should know about (the JVM implementations) of String methods indexOf, match, charAt, ...

Strings can sound "boring" BUT asymptotically  25% of the heap is filled with Strings, and sometimes there are some nasty performance gotchas you should be aware of... (Specifically when intrinsics are slower, than naive implementations.)

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JAX London would like to invite you to our JAX Community Night on Tuesday, 13th October. As part of JAX London this free event will give you an idea of the main conference and the chance to meet up with devs, architects and experts from Java, JVM and development scenes.
6pm – Expo Reception (Networking, Food & Drinks)
7.15pm – Keynote “VC from the inside – a techie’s perspective” by Adrian Colyer
8.15pm – Panel discussion “The Business Value of Technology”
Click here for more details and registration for the Community Night and check out for more information about the conference and speakers.
You can also offer this code PJUG_10 to your users to receive a 10% discount code for JAX London conference tickets.

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Introducing a regression tool for monitoring allocation. (This was created in collaboration with Heinz Kabutz and with help from Chris Newlands.)
One of the more interesting asides was this 'unexpected' allocation 

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New post on the data structure you SHOULD be using to capture latency in your application!
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