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+Justin White marks the first time I ever actually felt sorry for a god-believer! And apparently he now has me blocked!

Justin White 5:23 AM
+Libris Fidelis: I am Christian .

Libris Fidelis 6:49 AM
+Justin White: If you are a christian, do you know what a christ is, because there were hundreds of christs during history until the title was terminated.

Justin White 6:42 PM
+Libris Fidelis: I get saved my Jesus Christ , 

Libris Fidelis 7:21 PM
+Justin White: You need to stop lying not only to me but to yourself. That is not sane.

Justin White 7:30 PM +1 Like
+Libris Fidelis: Jesus oned me tel about him , that what i am do .

Libris Fidelis 7:43 PM
+Justin White: You're lying to me again... that's not sane!

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I've always said god-believing is a psychosis! Madelyn Murray O'Hair would celebrate ! ! ! ! Madelyn Murray O'Hair would celebrate ! ! ! !
Originally shared by ****
This decision is well over due; however with the DSM V recently out I seriously doubt that this idea would be merited as truthful information.
+Jesus Christ 

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I'll bet he gets raped... probably after he preaches to his cell-mates!
For those who say he's not a real Christian, look around on Church, how many of your fellow Church Members live without sin?

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Libris Fidelis Jul 31, 2016
TO +Ina Smith: “The word belief was created for things we do not know but think there may be an answer to, or is simply fantasized imagination. There are well-founded beliefs based upon reason but which is ALWAYS subject to being disproven, and there are unfounded beliefs based on pure imagination or fantasy or corrupt dishonesty, like "believing" in god and heaven and hell, “believing” in the horoscope, whatever people make themselves think is real when it really isn't. -- Libris Fidelis August 13, 2014”

“The diversity of believing in myths stretches widely across incongruent attitudes. People seem to have a compulsion to want to know 'the truth' about everything, even if they are only creating lies to explain things so that they can 'understand' concepts that in all actuality, they are totally ignorant about the truth or the facts. For instance, during the 'Black Plague', Jews were burned at the stake because they were not getting sick... alas, Jews were the only ones who took baths, and did not eat food off of the carts that the year prior to the Black Plague, the English king had ordered that all city-bound food carts must take back an equal amount of human feces per the food they brought. Of course, those carts were not washed, and then there came the plague! People also believe in many other things that have nothing to do with god-believing!” -- Libris Fidelis, July 19, 2015
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Libris Fidelis Jul 31, 2016
“There are historical facts surrounding the MYTHS about Jesus, but none exist to point to the existence of an actual Jesus. For instance, Nazareth was created in the 4th Century to sponsor the myth about Jesus. Every actual characteristic written about the fictional Jesus actually comes from Asia as far back as 6000 years ago. Furthermore, since the Greek Biblo was written about 150 BCE and contained no reference to any Jesus, BUT, the Bible and Talmud and Qu'ran all mention Jesus, that points to the fact that the Bible, the Talmud, and the Qu'ran all had a mutually common PRIOR source, which was the Greek Biblo.” -- Libris Fidelis December 4, 2015

Elwood Bratcher Aug 1, 2016
That' not on my mind any more, don't dwell

Libris Fidelis Aug 1, 2016
Shaking my head.

William Tucker 7:22 PM
Libris shut your stinking mouth Jesus Christ is real and you are a idiot for thinking he's a with your stupid

William Tucker 7:22 PM
Mith not with

William Tucker 7:23 PM
Scientists found a piece of the cross a couple years ago

William Tucker 7:26 PM
Everyone post Christ is real to shut this guy up

Libris Fidelis 8:28 PM +1 Like
TO +William Tucker: Is that how you win an argument? SANTA CLAUS IS REAL SO EVERYONE POST THAT SANTA CLAUS IS REAL TO SHUT THIS GUY UP ? ? ?

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That means you shall cease breathing because that is working at aspirating your blood. Your heart should also stop working on the sabbath because work is forbidden.
On the real........see yall later! Bout 12 after my studies.
Shabbat Shalom

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Libris Fidelis Jul 31, 2016 9:42 PM +2 Likes
“Ignorant propaganda will not work. The reason we have a lexicon is so that real words and not dictions will be the proper way of speaking and writing in our language! The base word always forms the derivative of complex sub-words.” -- Libris Fidelis, May 14, 2016

“There is no ‘new definition’ of Socialism. There are, however, a number of OLD FALSE definitions of Socialism that have been used as propaganda through time, especially by people referring to Karl Marx. Real socialism -- the social control of the political system -- is based upon the definitive base word social. Neither Adolf Hitler's misnamed National Socialist Party nor the other misnamed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were the least bit socialist in any way, they were anti-Socialist tyrannies based on being the enemy of all humanity.” -- Libris Fidelis, March 28, 2016

“If you take away the propaganda that people are indoctrinated with, the fact is that SOCIALISM is the social control of society and of the political system. Provided with a Constitution that protects every member of society from elitist exploitation and abuse, Constitutional Socialism is the ideal means of obtaining both freedom and the purity of individual goodness, and when it is combined with a Constitution to protect everyone in society, it is the root core of Democracy.“ -- Libris Fidelis, June 11, 2009

Cye Lannford Jul 31, 2016 11:19 PM
TO +Libris Fidelis: I may have offended someone, if so, I apologise. Words matter; when I said "full conservative/full liberal", I meant far-right/far-left... which do not represent true conservatism and true liberalism.
I live by much of what you just posted; to me also, real liberalism means liberty; suited for a free-man. Liberalism has much to do with Protestantism; freedom from Orthodoxy; Apostate religion (Catholicism, Mormonism, etc), freedom from a wealth elite/ruling-class/Republican form of government, freedom from far-right traditions, from authoritarian attitudes and it's dogma...
And favors Protestant/free people's desires for democracy and Constitutional government, for free intellectual inquires/education/self-awareness, to exercise ethical and humanitarian aspects of Christianity, and to live in a manner of one's own choosing to express and pursue these beliefs.

Sal Monella Aug 1, 2016 8:01 AM
TO +Libris Fidelis: based upon your "definitions" there is no hope for our country since both the liberals and conservatives that make up our government are corrupt. 

Libris Fidelis Aug 1, 2016 4:51 PM
TO +Cye Lannford: I agree that words matter... a whole lot ! I personally believe that although there truly is a far right that it is virtually impossible for there to be a far left because a "far left" would be an oxymoron to Democracy. Is there a such thing as "too much freedom"? Would a suicide be considered "too much freedom" (i.e. "far left"). If a person has the "freedom" to deny someone else of their freedom then that is not freedom at all, it is a crime. I endorse the French version of Liberty as being a person has the right to do anything they want so long as they do not deny any other person their right to do anything they want... which means mutual respect is essential! Should a person have the right to kill his own son as is professed in the Bible? That is not freedom, that is a crime!

Protestantism is not liberal in the least. True in certain cases Protestantism was opposed to orthodoxy, but only in particular ways and not at all applicable to Protestantism itself in other ways.

I agree totally with what you said about Liberalism being: "freedom from a wealth elite/ruling-class/Republican form of government, freedom from far-right traditions, from authoritarian attitudes and dogma..."
Very true ! ! !

Cye Lannford Aug 1, 2016 10:29 PM
TO +Libris Fidelis: actually, liberalism in it's fullest extent, has a great deal to do with Protestantism... It is ultimately God that grants true freedom, and creates a reality that allows such to exist within. Therefore, Protestantism is the root of true liberalism.

Libris Fidelis Aug 1, 2016 11:10 PM
TO +Cye Lannford: It is a psychosis for an adult to believe there is a god.

Cye Lannford Aug 1, 2016 11:28 PM
TO +Libris Fidelis: So, you're one of those Godless Liberals!?! And rude as well... poor thing.

Libris Fidelis 11:33 PM +1 Like
TO +Cye Lannford: You're another one of those childishly insane brainwashed god-believers who hasn't the intelligence to know fantasy from insanity? How psychotic and dishonest you are... lying even to yourself! You miserable sub-human miscreant!

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Originally shared by ****

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A supernatural being who just happened to create Earth all by himself and then put life all over its surface that he himself created, including god's creation of satan -- before murdering by drowning almost everything alive to re-create an unsinful world which developed from incest by Noah's family that also did not work out -- since because of sinful people god killed his only son on a wooden cross in which god's only son was god himself, which means god knocked-up his own mother so that he could be born as his own son coming from his virgin mother, but then god had himself killed on a cross so he could save himself, and… is any of this really any different from a burning living bush that wields a sword and threatens to kill any man that tries to pass by it or Jonah living in the belly of a whale for three days and living to come out of the whale to talk about it, or the entire human race coming from Adam and Eve's incestuous children... oh well, you DO believe in all this, don't YOU?
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