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★Hello my name is historia and i am queen of the walls and welcome to my community


★No bullying or be kick out for 5days.

★if you are a moderator and you hate some one and kick him or her out you will be warned.

★ please put them in the right category and add more extra detail to the person your role playing.

★please don't be rude to us owners or members or be kick out for 2weeks.

Moderator's rules and members]

★Moderator's will be also ban like the members if they make someone a member of the community
They will be ban for 7 weeks or 5 weeks.

★Please do not post things that do not fit into the categories.

★Above all, remember to have fun!

About Six Days

★I'll pick only two moderators that I agree with but please share this community.

Attack on Titan's characters needed
Eren===unavailable +Eren Jaeger​​​​
Levi===unavailable +Levi Ackerman​​​
Mikasa===unavailable +Mιкαѕα Acкєямαи​​​​​​​​
Hanji===unavailable +*****​​​​​​
Connie===unavailable +Connie Springer​​​​​​
Sasha===unavailable +Jayde Rosta
Oluo===unavailable +Oluo Bozado
Petra===unavailable +Petra Ral​​​​​​​
Ymir===unavailable +*****​​​​​
Jean===unavailable +Jenna Kristien​​​​​
Marco===unavailable +Marco Bodt​​​​​​
Mike===unavailable +Mike Zacharius​​​​​​
Rico===unavailable +Rico Brzenska​​













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Name:angel akoma
189cm(15M in titan form)
skills:sword fighting cooking and titan fighting)

angel is running from the military police he hides be hind a houes painting and tired he is started when he feels a hand on his shoulder

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Came to this roleplay in order to advertise my own. If this isn't appreciated please take this post down, I will understand.

This is a character and ark-based roleplay in which taking risks could mean death! Your roleplaying skills will truly be tested with an in-depth character template, high-standards mods, character-propelled arks, etc.

Nothing happens in this world unless players push it.

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Quote: I lost my dreams in this disaster...

Name: Yuno Tamagotchi

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: None (yet)

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Shy at first, but is sorta argumentative and sassy once you get to know her. She's a good friend and cares for people.

Skills: Hand-To-Hand Combat

Solo: 7

Birthday: January 21st

Appearance: Has long black hair with ocean blue eyes.

Affiliation: Survey Corps

Family: None

Story: Lived around in the inner part of Wall Maria, and had been transported to join the Scouting Legion.

Species: Human/Titan

Side: Says she's on humanity's side, but she's actually a Titan Shifter.
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Name: Lillith Aston

Height: 189cm. (28M in Titan form)

Skills: Skilled with a gun, Bow and arrows, Knowledge of History and anatomy. Cooking

Solo: Works alone often

Team: Levi Squad

Species: Titan shifter

Birthday: 12 June

History: Joined the scout regiment at age 25. Killed a Totan and fell with it into a pit of Dark Matter, fused with it and became a powerful Titan called The Demonic Titan

Story: Lillith grew up in a Farmong Village in Wall Rose called Lamia. The people there treat her very well, mostly because she helped around a lot as a child. She hasn't always been the friendliest, sometimes threatening to rip someone's arm out if they harrass her.

Personality: Analytical, elegant, odten unfriendly

Appearance: Pictures

Affiliation: Scout Regiment

Relative's: Emily Aston (Mother), Corvus Aston (Father)
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Name: Annie Leonhart

Height: 153 cm

Skills: Superhuman strength and speed(Titan form)
Martial art master
Titan Shifting
Accelerated healing (both forms)

Marley Warrior
Soldier of the Military Police Brigade
Cadet of the 104th Training Corps
Cadet Marley Warrior

Species: Titan-Shifter

Birthday: March 22nd

History: Later appears as an upcoming member of the 104th Trainees Squad, watching other trainees to be undergoing Keith Shadis' "rite of passage". However, the instructor doesn't speak a word to Annie and many others as their faces prove that they've already been through hell on Earth, according to another instructor. Two years after that, during the trainees' training of hand-to-hand combat, Annie is seen sneaking away, with Reiner confronting her for that. He has Eren to face Annie, much to her apparent anger. However, the latter effortlessly takes the former down and Reiner soon follows him, ending up on the ground as well.

Story: During her childhood she was trained by Zeke Yeager into Marley's service along with Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Marcel Galliard, Porco Galliard, and Pieck. All of them grew in Liberio, the so called "hometown", and were locked in an internment zone, one of the ghettos where the Eldians of Marley live.

Personality: Is considered to be an isolated, glamorous, and exclusionary type; friendships do not come to her easily. She is rarely seen smiling and often has an emotionless expression. She is lazy, indolent, unresponsive, apathetic, callous, lethargic, dispassionate, quiescent, wimpy, and somnolent, with little desire to put in any effort into meaningless disciplines or activities, and instead focuses exclusively on making it into the Military Police Brigade to obtain an easy life.

Appearance: Has a small yet well-built stature and has natural blonde hair that ends near her eyes. Her eyes are blue and she usually has a stoic face and rarely smiles, she wears the same uniform as everyone else.

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Animated Photo
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Name :eric jackson

Height: 5"11

Skills: moves faster than levi or mikasa

Solo: not managable because of weak nature

Team: none yet, still a trainee

Species: human

Birthday: march 17 1993

History: no known history

Story: i grew up as a jock, not getting much muscle to make sure i was fast, i never actually went to school, because i promised myself i'd become part of the scouts, alongside mikasa, and maybe even levi, i was always the weakest one in the bunch yet the strongest due to my stunning speed and agility.

Personality: bold, brave, yet shy until needed otherwise

Appearance: wears a dark blue hoodie and black tenishoes, usually also wearing jeans when not in uniform.

Affiliation: none

Relative's: all dead

extra:has a crush on mikasa

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Name: Samantha Mueller

Height: 5,9/ 15.7 meters

Skills: basic medical , gifted with gear , can transform into a Titan
Solo: I work fairly well Solo

Team: I usually end up being separated from my team when I go on a killing frenzy


Birthday: July ,9th

History: helping to take back some ground from the Titans I was welcomed by my comrades. Of course with the whole "Eren" trial the scouts assigned me to special forces. As not to stir up anymore trouble from the Government.

Story: Being born in Wall cena (or so I've been told ) I grew up as a street eat. Stealing food and weapons to get by. That is until I was forced to be put into an orphanage staying there until I was old enough to Join the military.

Personality: Kind , Curious , humerous , positive , grudge holder

Appearance: Black hair , fair skin , blue eyes , thin build

Affiliation: Works with the Scout regimine

Relative's: ... Was put into an orphanage until old enough to Join the military
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Name: Hana jeager


Skills:fighting titans


Team: survey corp

Species: (I think they’re called maylins)

Birthday: 4/6/855

History:she got Titan powers through genetics and is joined the survey Corp at a young age. She was first looked down upon by a lot of people because they didn’t trust her but she got some to trust her after showing that she can control her powers.

Story: it's basically her history

Personality:stubborn, sarcastic, kind, short tempered

Appearance:(in pic)


Relative's: eren, Mikasa, grisha, eren's mom (forgot her name)
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