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I'm waiting to the end of holiday , hope there will be a huge advantage . I emailed Lisa Goddard , Director of International Research Institute for Climate & Society, Columbia University & Jeffrey Sachs , Director of Earth Institute at Columbia University .

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Global climate is changing drastically because of #GlobalWarming which, needs to be stopped to prevent our planet Earth from leading towards its end. Know about the horrifying impact of #climate change on our ecosystem and habitat showing how it has emerged as the biggest threat to life on #Earth.
For more details, please visit -

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I've been trying to get the RE-Introduction of Native Woodlands in my local area under an initiative called TRE3£ LIFE Ecology Environment & Economy. I really want to see this made a reality. Once upon a time the UK was indeed covered in a rich and diverse rage of woodlands. We are symbionts are we not, deforestation is a real threat, is it not. the knock on benefits of having a healthy Ecology & Environment is all round a good thing for all concerned. Losing 40% of the worlds forests obviously has had a negative effect on the native wild-life...


I live by the coast and sea levels have indeed risen in recent years FACT, Sea temperatures have risen FACT. TEMPRETURES in general have risen FACT... please explain to me what the HOAX is?


This year is the 25th Anniversary of Agenda 21, the most important document ever compiled, signed and voluntarily agreed upon, in principle, by all participating parties.

The Wild lands and Woodlands Projects across the UK are of great interest and source of Hope for me and many others, personally I'd like to see all Politicians regardless of Party affiliation, making these very important initiatives a Categorical Imperative.

The Environment/Ecology/Economy is one issue all Candidates for Penzance & St Ives should be making a priority – and our Communities making its own plans to contribute, in the combating of Global Warming and a Sustainable Lifestyle. I'd like to see Penwith working with land owners to designate 1000's acres across Penwith and beyond, for Wildlife and the reintroduction of Native Forests. Once upon a time, Cornwall, indeed the UK was covered in rich and diverse Forests.

A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.
RE Wild Land & Woodlands & Sustainable Living: I found a Tree Huger article from 2014: Plant 4 million trees on 5000 acres of land.(extract below)
"The UK's government has confirmed that it will keep investing in the creation of new woodlands with 4 million trees to be planted over the next 2 years, creating 2,000 hectares (5,000 acres) of new woods. This will cost £6m, or just £1.5 per tree, a cheap way to invest in the future. This is part of a larger £30m investment in woodlands in England, with the remainder of the money being spent on management of existing woods."

A human body creates up to 20 times more CO2 than a Tree can absorb. 2000 acres would go a long way in reducing/cancelling out much of Penwith's Harmful Carbon Footprint - As well as continuing improvements in sustainable living, reducing other worrying stats. Campaign to protect rural Britain added “In the 1980s, county council-owned farms covered 340,000 acres, but 100,000 acres have since been sold and the number of tenancies has halved. Peter Hetherington reports that the county farm estate still covers some 200,000 acres over 50 council areas with 2,000 tenants. CPRE, New model farming, “ It’s well worth bearing in mind the pivotal role farmland owners and tenants could provide in forestry management.

"Most public funding via the CAP - around 80-85% (or some £2.3 billion in 2014) - goes directly to farmers and is paid by the hectare for the land they manage. Fifteen to 20% (or £502 million in 2014) pays for agri-environment schemes, where farmers are paid under contract to protect water bodies, safeguard soils, help wildlife thrive and maintain beautiful, healthy landscapes. Defra, Agriculture in the UK 2015" - the parish of St Just consists of 7.622 acres alone. Is the planting of 10 million trees over 12.500-15.000 acres of land in Cornwall achievable?

The people of West Cornwall could well make use of the extra income generated through Tourism and Renewable Materials, as well enjoy a Healthier life style - West Cornwall is already well known for it's Beautiful Landscapes and Beaches - In an area of the World predominately dominated by Tourism & Farming, improved methods of and a population increasingly seeking a diet that isn't entirely dominated by the consumption of meat produce.

Around the year 2000, there was a scheme to in introduce a corridor of woodlands through-out Cornwall - The Millennium Wood, was to be ideal for cyclists horse riding running hiking etc... and of course great for the Natural World & Wildlife. The Millennium Wood has kind of lost its momentum of late and many are hoping the initiative can be brought to the fore once again.

Tourism, Renewable Recourses, Cash Crops, Organic Farming, Wild Game, etc...

Economic Benefits of Trees for Householders Community: Trees Pay Us Back

The information provided on this page is taken from the Trees Pay Us Back brochure (PDF, 280 KB), produced by the U.S. Forest Service.
Properly cared for, Trees are valuable and growing assets worth three times the investment.

Healthy trees mean... healthy people.
One hundred trees remove 53 tons of carbon dioxide and 430 pounds of other air pollutants per year.
Healthy trees mean ... healthy communities.
Tree-filled neighbourhoods lower levels of domestic violence and are safer and more sociable.
Healthy trees mean ... healthy environment.
One hundred mature trees catch about 139,000 gallons of rainwater per year.
Healthy trees mean ... homeowner savings.
Strategically placed trees save up to 56% on annual air-conditioning costs.
Evergreens that block winter winds can save 3% on heating.
Healthy trees mean ... better business.
In tree-lined commercial districts, shoppers report more frequent shopping, longer shopping trips, willingness to pay more for parking and willingness to spend 12% more for goods.
Healthy trees mean ... higher property values.
Each large front yard tree adds 1% to the house sales price, and large specimen trees can add 10% to property value.
Benefits analysed: Energy savings (electricity and natural gas), Air pollution reduction (carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, airborne particles, and volatile organic compounds), Runoff reduction (rainfall interception), Property values.

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Mutoko , Zimbabwe.
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It's time to find a great supporter

On average 1 adult tree soak 45 lbs CO2/year .
Between 1990 to 2010, United States of America lost an average of 384,350 ha
or 0.13% forest /year ( in total 2.6 % from 1990 to 2010 ) . In total,
between 1990 to 2010, United States of America gained 2.6% of its forest
cover, or around 7,687,000 ha - this is a rate : deforesting 384,350 ha of
adult trees which soak 45 lbs CO2/tree/year ( will soak 45lbsCO2/year/tree
if we don't exploit it ) , reforesting 384,350 ha of young trees - which
can't soak 45 lbs CO2/tree/year in all 17 years , until them become adult
trees which soak 45 lbs CO2/year , this is the weakness of US
deforestation/reforestation ? . We have conservation of forest ha but do we
have conservation of CO2 absorption ability of 7,687,000 ha exploited adult
trees from 1990 to 2010 , when 7,687,000 ha reforested trees are young trees

If the CO2 absorption ability of 1 a country = 1000 lbs CO2/year which plants
only , not include ocean . The atmosphere has 1000 lbs CO2 . This country
emit 1000 lbs CO2/year . We build 1 LEED building which destroy 1 adult tree
- can soak 45 lbs CO2/year . Even their building only use solar energy ,
don’t emit CO2 , but the CO2 absorption ability of this country lost 1 tree
: 1000 - 45 lbs CO2 of 1 tree = 955 lbs Co2/year . At 1st year , country emit
1000 lbs CO2 , but only soak 955 so this country increase atmosphere : 1000 +
45 = 1045 lbs CO2 .

=> ​​CO2 absorption ability is very important . CO2 of atmosphere is
increasing because the Earth can't absorb all CO2 at Earth , the part which
Earth can't absorb increase CO2 of atmostphere .

1990 to 2010 are 20 years . 7,687,000 ha / 384,350 ha = 20 , they're 20
generations of reforested young trees . Example : 1989 we don't deforest .
1990 we deforest 384,350 ha adult trees , reforest 384,350 ha young trees .
7,687,000 ha - 384,350 ha = 7302650 ha . So CO2 absorption ability of 1989 =
7,687,000 ha adult tree which absorb 45 lbs CO2/tree/year BIGGER than CO2
absorption ability of 1990 = 7302650 ha adult trees which absorb 45 lbs
CO2/tree/year + 384,350 ha young trees which CAN'T absorb 45 lbs
CO2/tree/year in 17 years until it become adult tree .​ Do USA decrease CO2
​​absorption ability​ ​from 1990 to the present ? Do the world got
the same problem ?

We can't follow the rate 1 for deforestation & 1 for reforestation , to have
conservation of CO2 absorption ability we must follow 1 for deforestation & 2
for reforestation . All countries need to know the weakness of
deforestation/reforestation policy . We can't build the world for our
children in a wrong way .

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My friend +Wayne Meador   will bike across North America to fund his sustainability TV show . He can help me publicize the issue . Pls help my friend , share & fund . Click the image to view with best quality .  I also want to find a reporter can help me write about this issue too . Any help is good .

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Perhaps no one can do something like me in the history when I prove the systems were wrong and need to be fix . If +Wayne Meador  , you want your show become famous , help me , tell people about the issue
, your show will become famous . I don't want to be rude but this is  a fortune , if you can't realize it , you're blind . I'm praying and waiting for your help +Wayne Meador . Jesus is your hero and we both know he was good . I tried to do a really good & huge thing . Do you think this generation & next generation - your children deserve to know this issue ?
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