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Hi everybody,
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Z bodu A k bodu B
Z bodu A k bodu B

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The power of association works whether you like it or not.
It is amazing how much influence people have over us.
You might know and then again you might not know the fact you’re the average of 5 people you hang out with most. But it is something you do have a control over it. The things that keep people associated with people they do not necessarily want to be associated with or things that hold them back, that keep them stuck, are fears, fear of judgment, what people might think if they take determined actions, a lack of self-confidence, self-esteem and belief, and many many ifs…
Understand the lesson, understand the principles behind it.
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"I believe that if you always look at the skies, you will end up with wings."

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Life’s too short to feel like crap.
Why so many people around us prefer indulging in misery instead of taking action towards a better future?

You might be at a “good job”, but you don’t love it and you think it’d be too risky to just walk away. While knowing you deserve better. Maybe you know you’re capable of running your own business, but you can’t get over the “mental barriers” holding you back. You are the first to pass judgment when somebody else tries and fails. Somebody else’s failure confirms your fears & doubts. While when somebody tries and become a success, you believe he was only a lucky one.

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🔔🏵️🦋Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are these lovely summer days 🌏🏖️🏞️🌅

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Or simply when your work doesn't produce results you'd like to see and you can't work out why.

Been there... done that! Wearing such T-shirt.

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I can not be more grateful for the opportunity of having my own online business than I already am. For the character of work, the freedom it brings in every aspect of my life.
Having an online business as a single mum, as a woman or just because I am too tired or “too big” to work for someone else is, for me, the best job ever. I love freedom, I love the flexibility and my own way of organising my day, my work and having a perfect life/work balance.
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