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Silvano Numelli

Discussion  - 
Some feedback:
- the app takes a lot of time to load comments. Sometimes I have to refresh the post to read them.
- sometimes I have to open the app to receive pish notifications (mainly comments to my posts), I think I should receive those without opening it
- the app in general takes time to load

- some help regarding links and spoilers.
For example, when I click on the link icon (when posting something) it appears as []()
Wouldn't be better something like [your text](yourlink)?
It would help since it's a pain in the a** to paste links into brackets.
Same goes for spoilers etc etc.
- chance to add flairs to own posts.

For the rest, amazing app, I love it.
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Sabir Ahmed

Discussion  - 
How about the ability to upvote a post from the top action bar (hide in a menu?) while in a post? Or maybe a swipe from the right action that displays the voting options where the sidebar usually is.
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Just a mockup I did.
I think it could free up lot of space in sidebar.
And choosing preferred sorting method for subbredits, thats what I desire. 
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Not sure if it's a known issue, but occasionally the FAB in the new release will cover text, and there's no way to view the text under it, due to the app not having an overscroll animation that moves the content. As soon as I get a chance, I'll upload a couple examples.
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Hey question. What are the chances of reddit sync integrating with imgur as well, allowing us to both upload and post pictures straight from the app?

I feel like that would be a cool feature. 
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Oh. I'm dumb. haha. Thanks
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Anyone having a issue when tapping on rising or hot and get no feed? Using vzw note 4 stock firmware
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Known issue
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Should we buy Reddit Sync Dev or Pro? Does Dev also kill the ads? 
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Buying Pro and joining the beta testing from this community will mostly be the same thing as buying Dev, except that you'll be able to switch between beta and stable without paying extra if you get Pro.
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Jamie Elliott

Discussion  - 
Could the theme colour picker to be changed to show the actual colours rather than words? Like this, how Talon does it.
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+Ivan Martinez So does Cabinet.
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After the big material design update, Reddit Sync has been the biggest battery hog on my phone. Drawing up to 30% battery and having mobile radio active longer than SoT. 

Running the latest Pro beta version on my Nexus 4 (with 5.0.1)
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Same issue here. 15 minutes SOT and Reddit Sync has had the mobile radio active for almost 2 hours.
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Josh Rhame

Discussion  - 
Error loading post bug seems to be fixed with the last beta update. Please fix the Open link in browser bug. Thanks. 
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About this community

Welcome to the reddit sync community on Google+. This group is for discussion only, to submit an official feature request or bug report please use github. To join the beta click on one of the beta links below.

Constantine G

Discussion  - 
Does anybody else wish you could still see the root comment when collapsing comments? The same way RES and Reddit News does it?
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If the reason you collapse them is to hide them, that sounds reasonable. But one may also collapse them for easier navigation and clearer and easier reading. So I believe both options should be available somehow.
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Feature Request: Double Click "Back" to exit the app.

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App freeze once in a while when opening sidemenu. Pull animation just snap and freeze in place and I can only go back and relaunch whole thing. :(
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Suggestion: match the color of the fab with the theme color 
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I actually like having option to modify FAB and theme color independently. It allows for nice combinations. 
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Since the last update, reddit sync force closes few seconds after I open it, especially if I am checking my profile out.

Anybody else with the same issue?
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+Laurence Dawson​ everything is fixed now, thanks very much !
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Dávid Kentoš

Discussion  - 
Ummm... What?
Reinstalled two times, still same 
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+Laurence Dawson Nope, not Greenified.
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The comment arrows should behave like FABs in material apps and be more distinguishable.
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+Eduardo Pratti haha I meant reddit sync. I hate reddit news too
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Derek Purdy

Discussion  - 
Has anyone accidentally hit the save icon instead of the back icon while viewing an image? It's happened to me a couple times now.
Andrew Fox's profile photoDerek Purdy's profile photo
Less then a centimetre of distance between the two? Can't say I have the most nimble thumbs
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John Sellers

Discussion  - 
Just two things. First, would it be possible to add an option to have my multis above my subs in the pullout menu?

Second, can someone tell me how to make multis in the app, or can I only do it from the browser?

Jeff Smith (jeffisageek)'s profile photo
I believe you can only make the multis on the site at this time 
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I apologize if this has been brought up before, will the in-app YouTube player be supported in Lollipop, or is it just not possible?
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I was swiftly told in the subreddit that the toast that pops up when playing a video is a YouTube issue not a reddit sync issue..
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