Is someone is interested in telling me what is the difference between reddit sync PRO and reddit sync DEV please tell Thanks.

Hi I am new here so I just want to know that what is the difference between reddit sync Pro and reddit sync Dev. For me they both looks same

Lately reddit sync isn't opening for me when I set it as default app.. I do a Google search and click on a reddit website link and sync pro doesn't open up. It just hangs for long time. Even force stop doesn't help. The only way is to to set it ask every time and use Chrome instead

Any fixes? 

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Hi, is there any chance that the broken auto night mode will be fixed soon. Sometimes it's working on my Nexus 6, sometimes not. For comparison Falcon Pro added the auto night function recently and it switches colors flawlessly while using the app.
Another thing that could be improved is the tablet layout. The sort function is hiding behind the setting dots, although there's plenty of space available.
It would be great if you could address these bugs. However, thank you for the great app!

thanks for adding an option to set the default sort, this is very much appreciated.

I have difficulty reading the subject of posts. unlike comments, the actual subject post text color has very poor contrast with the background (regardless of theme). my vision is subpar and I basically cannot read the subject without straining. it would be really nice to have a high contrast option (like black text for white background and white text for dark background). 

Feature request: Hide read as an always on option. 

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Been having an issue with the last couple of updates of sync dev. This has been happening quite often. 
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After the last update gifs and streamable links don't open within the app. I'm using CyanogenMod 12.1 nightlies and have tried both the experimental video handlers in the developer's menu but neither seems to help.

Some feedback:
- the app takes a lot of time to load comments. Sometimes I have to refresh the post to read them.
- sometimes I have to open the app to receive pish notifications (mainly comments to my posts), I think I should receive those without opening it
- the app in general takes time to load

- some help regarding links and spoilers.
For example, when I click on the link icon (when posting something) it appears as []()
Wouldn't be better something like [your text](yourlink)?
It would help since it's a pain in the a** to paste links into brackets.
Same goes for spoilers etc etc.
- chance to add flairs to own posts.

For the rest, amazing app, I love it.
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