Name: Kaly


Gender: female

Personality: friendly, fun to be around, love's to help others and build morale

Appearance: 3ft 6in, slim, large blue eyes, light blue high light stripe on the right side, blonde hair, light tanned skin, blue wings (same coler as the high light) with gold and silver ribbons going through them (ribbon as in curved strips that twist and turn as they go along)

non inherited: spellcaster
Inherited: warrior sole (magical armor),mind reader, election (ability to use her mind to control electronics) line dash and that is all I I've grown old enough to use for now

Friends: every one

Likes:socialising, magic, magic displays, studying

Dislikes: people that bully her for being a biological angel

Pets: unknown

Bio: a biological Angel from Karsec who needed advanced training 

Blaze look at the gate of the school hmmm should i leave maybe no i came here to help myself to

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Name: Blaze
Age: 16
Likes: Loud people party and running around
Dislike: Party killers mean people and being pared up
Magic: Has the power to control peoples motions when she wants
Bio: Blaze's mother and father died at a young age and she deiced to make them proud she didn't sleep for days and night to make magic stronger

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Quote(s)Always Be Loyal To others
Name: Flaky
Nickname: Flakers,Flame
Gender :Female
Species: Porcupine
Weight"10 Pounds
Appearance:(In pic)
Personality:Hanging With friends, Nice,Loyal
Powers:Fire Dragon,Water dragon,Shadow Dragon,Wind Dragon,Card Magic:Dragon Slayer, Fortune Telling
Like:Animals,Fun Stuff, Hanging Up Side Down,Being Cute,Nice Ppl
Dislikes Bullys,Swearing,Fliqpy Sometimes,Sometimes Russel,
Bio:Flaky Has many friends, Flippy&Fliqpy,Patuna,Russel, And Shes Kind to them, Shes Scard Of Hights but Loves hanging upside down,
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I despite humans, I hate what they've done to this planet..It used to be so beautiful, but now..i can't stand to look at it.

I can be nice sometimes, but that's only if I truly like you and I'll tell you right now that I hate you and your guts.

You plan on becoming a hero? That's impossible if you can't defeat me then you can't defeat others, but if you really want to save people I can make that possible. Just form a contract with me, I'll grant your wish and in return I'll steal some of your life energy. You might think it's not fair, but I can make the impossible possible. So it's pretty fair.


School Name~ Kaname Tachibana

Real Name~ Kaname "Queen Of Elkanna" Tachibana Universe

Physical Age~ 15

Magic Age~ 900,000

Gender~ Female

Species~ Unknown

Race~ Japanese

Occupation~ Student Teacher

Height~ 5'0

Weight~ 99

Appearance~ Kanade has extremely long white hair. She usually just keeps it down, but sometimes she'll put it a ponytail. Her eyes glow bright red they sometimes appear to be pink. Kanade always wears dresses since it's easier for her to navigate with those clothes on. She'll never wear shoes since they're a bother.

Personality~ Kanade is usually very cold and straight forward. She looks down upon most people. If you get Kanade mad she'll usually just leave, but if you get her extremely angry she'll begin to attack you.
You could say Kanade has a split personality. If she smiles too much she'll become shy and sweet. Her butterflies will make her two braids. The only way she'll go back to being cold is if you pour hot water on her.

Powers~ •Water Manipulation •Teleportation •Healing •An Angels Wish •Earth Manipulation •Mind Control •Super Speed •Immortality •Shapeshifting •Unknown Name~ She can take your life energy •Butterfly Shield~ She can order butterflies to create a shield around her
•Butterfly Armor~ She orders butterflies to create armor on her and that prevents you from using your magic on her •Super Strength •Innocent Wink~ Prevents you from attacking her •Undead army~ She summons her army to "take care" of you

Weapons~ •Energy Finger~ Her finger sends out powerful energy balls •Heavy Staff •Fire Sword •Magic Phone~Turns into whatever weapon she wants

Likes~ •Singing •Art •Music •Water •Butterflies •Blue •Contracts •Reading •Writing •Being alone

Dislikes~ •Candy/Sweets •Fighting •P.E. •Math •Being in public •School •Learning •Singing In Public

Bio~ Kanade was born on Earth, but she somehow teleported her and her parents to a planet called Elkanna. Everyone thought she was amazing so she became a princess and her parents the queen and king of the planet. She grew up in a castle practicing magic she was never allowed to leave. Instead of leaving, people went inside the castle asking for her to grab their wishes. She always did and in return Kanade stole some of their life energy without them noticing. One day, her mother and father asked her to grant their wish. They said, "Kanade please grant us our wish." Kanade nodded. "We wish that you'd disappear from this planet." Kanade didn't say anything she just stood up from her throne and made them "disappear." She became the queen of the planet, but she grew bored of only being inside the castle and ordered someone she trusted to be In charge while she went some where else. She found planet earth again, she looked at the earth and looked disappointed. She then looked at her reflection on the water. She looked like a human girl, but she still had her abilities. She wanted to experience a humans life. So she enrolled into this school.

Main Theme Song~
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