I'm using version 3.4.2 on Ubuntu 16.04, and the background music doesn't appear to loop. Could you create the option of making the music loop in the next release?

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My two projects combined... ;)

Hi all!

I've released a new version of ScreenStudio has for some users, ScreenStudio does not detect the audio input properly.

I've added a "Default" to the list meaning that ScreenStudio will use whatever is the default microphone for the input.

Let me know if it worked for your. New version is 3.4.2

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Hi guys,

I’ve been updating WRoom again... I’ll try to screencast later today the new features.

That’s why it’s been quiet for ScreenStudio in the last few weeks.
I have updated WRoom on the main website, http://crombz.com/wroom.

You'll need the new JAR file.

New features:
- Plays videos (Press space in front of the Big Bunny wall)
- Renders web pages (Press space in front of ScreenStudio wall, or my links in the middle of the room

There is a teleporter that will bring you to a small room, and another to bring you back to the main room...

Expext bugs and it has been only tested in Windows/Java8.

You'll need JavaFX installed, which may not be part of the default JRE installation for my Linux friends... Make sure to have the package installed.

Hope you like it
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Hi guys,

I've been working on a new project called WRoom. It's really in early stage right now but I already have something that is kind of working.

Download the WebRoom.jar from from this link and run it as any other Java app. Then, enter this URL http://crombz.com/wroom in the URL bar at the top.

This should open my first prototype of WRoom.

It supports
- WRooms Links
- background sound
- Textures 256x256
- Overlayed text and HTML
- Basic actions
- External image sources...

Once the source code will be stable, I'll create a Github repos...

Have fun but expect many bugs.


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ScreenStudio 3.4.1 is available!
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A small test with ScreenStudio for recording on a Windows 10 tablet (the IdeaPad Miix 300)

The device is not that powerful but I got a nice result at 10 FPS playing Candy Crush

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Testing long streaming to Periscope... and playing Full Throttle!

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Made a few tests on Periscope with ScreenStudio. Finally fixed the issue with the Type writer mode...

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