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Slowly adding stuff to ScreenStudio for the next release:
- Languages to support many languages
- A new source: Frames

The new source Frame is a ... frame! It's basically an image that you can add to your output as an overlay to make it nicer. The current source code only has 3 frames but I'll add a few more in the next few days.


This the new section if you want to post some goodies that can be used with ScreenStudio.

As you may have seen, the next release of ScreenStudio will support a new source called Frames. I've selected a few over the web to integrate into ScreenStudio.

If you're good at designing, post your suggestions here and they may end up in the next release of ScreenStudio.

For now, I'll support images to create:
- Overlay Frames
- Background banners
- Animated GIFs specifically designed for the use of ScreenStudio

The main idea is to add a few resources available to the user to make a great screencast.

Have fun!

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I've started translating ScreenStudio in french...

For those who would want to translate into another language, just grab a copy of this file:

This is the default English language for ScreenStudio. Some elements are still missing to check it out from time to time for an updated version.

How to contribute?
Just update the label using your favourite editor and send it to me by specifying the language code to use.

I'll include your resource file with the following release of ScreenStudio.


I just learned that #Periscope is opening its API for third party apps to stream to the social network. I've requested an invitation hoping to add Periscope in the supported targets of #ScreenStudio.

Crossing my fingers!

Hi guys,

I am currently internationalizing ScreenStudio so it will show as the locale on your desktop.

Of course, I'll translate the labels in French since this is my native language. I'm looking for volunteers to translate into other languages.

If I remember correctly, WebcamStudio was translated in a dozen different languages so I want to do the same thing for ScreenStudio.

As soon as I'm done configuring the labels, I'll post the resource files and the procedure to submit your own language packs.

Another thing I'm currently planning is adding goodies to ScreenStudio like frames, background images, banners and so on ready to be used in ScreenStudio. So if you're good at graphic stuff and you want to contribute to ScreenStudio, I'll add a new section to this community for those of you who would like to submit a few goodies to be integrated.

In WebcamStudio, I had integrated animations based on png files that was fun to display so agin, I want to do the same thing.

More in the next few days...

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Testing the JACK server with ScreenStudio

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I'm trying out support for JACK in ScreenStudio...


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Adding a few basic video effects to ScreenStudio...


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Mixing a few effects here and testing the next version of #ScreenStudio

Animated Photo

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I've made some test to record a Skype session with ScreenStudio.

It seems to work but I need to validate with a remote user and not locally with the iPad on the side of my computer...

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