Is anyone still here?

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From the seventh film in the Fast and Furious series to the long anticipated release of Jurassic World, there are plenty of great movies hitting our screens in 2015. Check out the infographic below to find 12 must watch movies in 2015.

(+starlight Chaser r) i was sitting on a bench in front of the temple not knowing I could us the force when you saw me sitting there alone

Is some one going to rp?

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Height: 6'2" (7'1" in armor)
Lightsaber(s): Tri-phase Saberstaff(yellow), Greatsaber(black), Gladius(red)
Blasters: DE-10 Mandalorian heavy, Hoth Rifle

(Made some refinements and fixed some names)

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Name: Alex
Age: 10
Gender: male
Race: wolf/human hybrid
Just arrived
Personality: kind and friendly
Bio: his human mother was injected with jeneticly modified wolf DNA and when I was born a wolf/human hybrid
Crush: non
Other: he is one of a kind, there's no other living being like him and has a scar like the one in the pic of cole and likes blaster
Light saber is going to look like: looks like the hilt with the artic blue blade and the the hilts lights are the guardian blue with the power crystal chamber half covered in a clear material so the power crystals are visible
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Name: Sakura ran.
Age: 10.
Gender: female.
Race: human.
Rank: youngling.
How long were your in the jedi temple for: just coming today.
Personality: stubborn, mature, shy, hot tempered, kind, caring, quiet, smart and friendly.
Bio: secret.
Crush: too young to have one.
Others: n/a.

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I was walking down the street looking around as I bump into you. Oops I'm sorry mister I didn't mean to bump you. (Kind Jedi master needed)
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