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ok so i thought id try this game VANGUARD PRINCESS which is a street fighter style beat em up game. except its an all girl cast.
I bought it for my girls but ended up getting hooked on the game myself.
The games originally for windows and mac but woks out of the box in wine. no extra dll's to install.
Linux version is in the making which hopefully will include custom joypad mapping (it works fine on the xbox wireless joypad) and more settings .

The games a real pain to play ( no pun intended ) since even though i play in normal mode, it feels like hard mode. The AI can go real ultra tough and go mad bouncing everywhere on the screen. Nevertheless the game is fast, aggressive and fun to play once you know the moves.

something alternative for the fans of street fighter and the like.
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Fatshark is making a game using the Stingray Engine and considering a Linux port. This request is a 2'fer guys and gals; game engine and game. Contact options all over the homepage.

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A successful request!
The Princess Bride Game developed by Worldwide Biggies (Not the Gameblend Studios game) was a same-day release 2008-09-15 (Linux, Mac, Win). However, the Linux version was incredibly obscure as a download-only unlike the download or the Win/Mac CD version which was sold on store shelves and all the usual places for a while before becoming almost as obscure as the Linux version. But thanks to public outcry that included Linux requests, wwbiggies recently added distributors for the game and a will ship a Win/Mac/Linux CD version to customers who order through one of their distributors. The UVL link has purchase options plus I'll post them here:
Phone orders outside the USA: +1-781-449-7601
Phone orders within the USA: 866-723-3376 (toll free)
Buy it for Download and/or on CD: (CD and download are preselected. zero out one if you prefer not to buy both)
#theprincessbride   #LinuxOnly   #LinuxGaming   #LinuxGames   #VideoGames  

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Hi all!
We have release a LINUX UBUNTU version of our Action Adventure with Metroidvania elements THE BODY CHANGER.
We have since today a DEMO, maybe you would like to try and share your critics ;)

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here comes on of the best game on Linux platform. there is announcement by the Aspyr media that Linux and mac will be witnessing the presence of civilization : beyond earth soon this holiday 
check it out !!!!!!

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Project CARS Delayed (mainstream marketing), lets ask for Linux 1st release (smart marketing).

Even though Project CARS will be finished Nov 2014, Slightly Mad Studios has delayed release until 2015-03-15 to avoid releasing at the same time as competing games (on Wii-U, Windows, Xbox, PS4). But they won't have a competition problem on Linux in January. Lets convince them that this is the slightly mad thing to do to maximize their profits in the Linux market.
#linuxonly #ProjectCARSLinux  

Contact SMS options:
Project Cars Steam Comunity hub:
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