Post has attachment I got smacked around in Civil War Month 3

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Just a heads up next week's Heroclix Ultron Event 3 is capped at 10 players . There are only 4 spots open, register to save a seat.

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Days Of Future Past Heroclix Tournament

When: Saturday July 18 at 4:00 pm

Setup: Make a 400 point team MARVEL only . Each map will have two sentinels on the map that act as blocking terrain . When a player rolls doubles on their dice (including critical hit and critical miss) the sentinels attack the nearest piece . Their line of fire may not be blocked and can attack any square on the map. The sentinels may not be attacked nor destroyed but cannot use powers nor abilities.

Prize support: First place will receive a Captain America Sentinel , Second place will choose 2 out of 3 LE pieces and Fellowship will receive the third LE piece .…/I/61hZbHd6WTL.SX522.jpg

Buy in for the tournament will be $4

House Rules: No Tactics, Single and Double Based Characters only.

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