Worksheet C Mistake!!!!
Problem number 5 should say f(x)=......... + 195
your worksheet says -195.. this is wrong it should read as a positive number instead.. sorry.. the problem wont work otherwise.... thank you and SORRY!

Solutions to the Chapter 1 2 review are posted on schoology right under the blank packet. Hope you are having a good weekend!
Chapter 1 2 finals review quiz on Monday!! 3 pts.
See you then!

Our Assingment guide says we have a probability mini quiz on Monday... this is NOT the case!! I gave you the review packet for Chapter 1&2..... Monday you will have a Chapter 1 &2 miniquiz. Please be prepared for it. It will be worth 3 points!! Stay warm this weekend!!

The homework problems are all correct, however on problems #28 and #31 replace the y with 0. so.... y=0 and solve for the x value in the problems using the complete the square method we have been through in class. Thank you!!

Your homework for tonight looks good. If you would like to shorten the assignment, I'm good with cutting out problems #53,67,68. See you tomorrow! One day to go till Thanksgiving Break!! YOU GOT THIS!!!

I appologize but I would like to change your homework assignment for this weekend. Shorter and more relevant to what we have worked on in class. Please do the homework over the weekend as follows:
p.270: 2-12 Even
p.293: 1-9 odd, and #19

Thank you and have a great weekend!

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The book work homework for the weekend has changed a bit!!! The problems with 3 variables are still on the assignment guide. I'm sorry, you do NOT need to do anything with 3 variables.. I DID NOT teach this topic to you. Your homework for the weekend is: p.161 #7,9,17,19,23,24.... ignore all the other problems that are on the assignment guide.


Lets try this... I set up the class, I cannot attached my document on this community. If you'd like see the instructions on how to get on the online textbook please go to our schoology website. If this doesnt work, I will figure this out on Monday. Have a great weekend!

I'm trying to figure out how to get a worksheet posted on this community and am having trouble. For now please checkout your schoology accounts under chapter 2 at the very bottom. I posted a "notes sheet" that will help you with you worksheet 11 homework for tonight. I'm sorry worksheet 10 was supposed to be directions that didnt copy correctly. We will of course go over it tomorrow. Thank you
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