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1. Cussing is allowed
2. There are multiple species. These are: Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Fae, Sorcerer, Dragon Rider, Gnome, Goblin,  Demon, Dwarf, Sirens, Pixies, Faeries and Witches. A brief run-down of the species can be found below. The detailed abilities and descriptions of these species can be found on their specific posts.   
3. There are multiple positions open for all species, including: Guard, Soldier, Civilian, Warrior, Hunter, Mercenary, Merchant/Trader, or Rouge. You can find the details of these occupations below.  
4. Your profile MUST BE ACCEPTED before you can RP.  
5. There is a limit of one profile per species. If you go over, the profile will be removed.
6. No sexual or pornographic RP's on this community.
7. No form of mechanical or electrical equipment is allowed. No cars, guns, laptops, iPods etc.
8. You MUST ASK before killing any person's character.
9. You ARE ALLOWED POWERS, but you are NOT allowed to be invincible.  
10. No making up your own species, or anything like that. The information of the fantasy world will be on the pinned post. You can also check the linked posts below.  

You will only have THREE WARNINGS before being banned. 

Profile Template

First Name: (Optional on the condition that you have an Alias)
Last Name:
Alias: (Optional)
Gender Identity: (Please put if you go under He, She, Him, Her etc. Is optional)
Citizen of: (Hollowcrown, Nympha, Fictille, Ocean IF SIREN or Outlands.)
Appearance: (If picture is not included)
Occupation: (You must ask for permission if you want to have an occupation like Captain of the Guard, Lieutenant etc. You must send me a private message if you wish to be a Royal of any of the cities)
Pets: (If any)
Personality:  (Optional)
Backstory: (Optional)
   _Intelligence_ /10
   _Strength_ /10
   _Stealth_ /10
   _Agility_ /10
   _Accuracy_ /10

Species Descriptions.

Humans are your usual homo sapiens that you see doing their usual business in cities. Humans have no magical abilities. They are considered creatures of Creation.

Elves are much taller than humans, and can live eternally. They have magical abilities, each with it's own main elemental power. This elemental power it their strongest ability, but they can use all other forms of magic as well. They are considered creatures of Creation. This is the same description as Half-Elves just Half-Elves cannot live eternally.

Fae are similar to Elves. They are taller, and have large wings of any form: Angel wings, Bat wings, Butterfly wings etc. They also have fangs and are able to use magic, but their magic is weaker than Elves
magic. They are considered creatures of Creation.

Dragon-Riders obviously are bonded with one dragon. The Rider and Dragon are bonded for life, and can be of any species. Once bonded with the dragon, they are granted magical abilities if not already able to manipulate magic. They are considered creatures of Creation.

A dwarf is a short being, with incredible skills of forging and mining. They dwell in the mountains, and have no magical abilities. They are considered creatures of Creation.

Gnomes are not your usual pointy headed short men in your garden. These Gnomes are tricksters. They can turn visible and invisible at will, and are beautiful nature spirits. They may be mischievous, but at the end of the day, they really do mean well, and can be very helpful. They have limited magical abilities, and are considered creatures of Creation.

Sorcerers are one of the most powerful beings on the continent. They can use magic in any way or form. Sorcerers usually use their magic for evil purposes. They always have some form of marking that starts at their bottom eyelid, and ends at their jaw, along with strange colored eyes, and strange colored skin. They are considered creatures of Destruction.

Demons are incredibly powerful, but are corrupt and unable to feel any remorse. In the past, demons have been known to cause massacres for fun, and kill any species with a flick of their hands. Only the most powerful elves can stand a chance against these creatures. If you find one, distinct by their glowing eyes, silver skin, and silky soft voice, your only hope is to run. They are considered creatures of Destruction.

Sirens always dwell in the ocean. Though they can use magic, these watery dwellers prefer to use their haunting and entrancing voices to manipulate men, and the occasional woman. When in the ocean, Sirens have leathery skin, of pale faded colors, gills on the side of their neck, and almost feline like eyes. If these creatures manage to get out of the water, they look like beautiful women, and usually roam around taverns and bars. They are considered creatures of Destruction.

Goblins are vile creatures that live in dark caves or caverns. They are unable to use magic, and rely more on brute force than stealth and wit to win battles. They have hunched, spiny backs, with their skin taut around their skull. You can easily outwit or outrun a goblin, due to their stupidity, and their lumbering misshapen lower body. They are considered creatures of Destruction.

Witches can usually endure the most pain out of all species, due to the fact that once turned 13, they have to go through a rite of passage, which involves surgically inserting iron teeth and nails into their skeleton. These new weapons are retractable though, and you can hide the fact that you are a witch. Witches can only use magic if they use spells, amulets, or talismans. These beings look like regular humans, except for the iron teeth and nails. They are considered creatures of Destruction.

Pixies are 6 inch tall creatures, with insect, leaf or bat like wings. They have needle like teeth, large bald heads and skin with colors ranging from blue to even fuchsia! They usually play pranks on clueless travelers and are snobbish, vain and vile. Pixies can fight nasty if they can manage to attack, and their bites are poisonous, that can leave you hallucinating and rambling for days on end. They have limited magical abilities such as causing pain, and killing of plants, and growing fungus and poisonous plants instead.These are small vile creatures. They are considered creatures of Destruction.

Faeries are the helpful counterparts of the Pixies. With the same size, these creatures have Butterfly, flower or Bird wings, with skin of all tones. While pixies have large bald heads, Faeries have smaller heads, proportionate to their bodies, with hair of all color and styles. Though Faeries can fight, they are more peaceful, and hardly use the poisonous fangs that they have in common with Pixies. They have more magical abilities than Pixies, such as healing and powers to do with the Flora and Fauna of the world. They are considered creatures of Creation.

Job Descriptions
Guards work throughout the cities, helping civilians and keeping the law in order. These jobs are available at all cities, and get a fair wage, with enough to keep food on the table, and the necessities, but you will often find Guards in the woods hunting to get pelts to trade at the market. 
Soldiers usually stay at a nice home with fair clothing and abundant food. They get paid great wages for their service in war, and really only need money if they have to pay a very large amount to someone. Only then will you find them out to trade a pelt or a jewel.
Civilians have normal everyday jobs as maids, butchers, messengers, farmers etc. or just don't have a job at all. These are the poorest people in the cities, and barely scrape by with their wages, and you can find them in the market place trying to trade belongings for money.
Warriors and Assassins alike are illegal jobs. Warriors are hired to fight in rings, and in the end, kill the opponent. Warriors are trained and honed for this, and get paid a very good wage. Assassins are hired to assassinate any person their employer would ask for. Both could also end up being thieves for hire, and are paid very lavishly.
Hunters go into the woods every day to hunt for their employer. At their first hire, Hunters are usually incompetent, due to the fact that most Hunters have never hunted before, and just want to get some food and money for their poverty stricken family. If they manage to get good nice pelts, and good meat, then the Hunters will be paid nicely.
Mercenaries are hired to kill, harm or torture anything or anyone that their employer might want harmed. This is another illegal trade, but Mercenaries have a very high wage, and are very seldom found trying to get money. Mercenaries might also be hired as a thief.
Merchants and Traders are found at the market place, or the docks. These jobs offer a moderate wage, but enough to get food on the table. But unlike Traders, who exchange the objects in question, Merchants sell their wares for money.
Rogues don't have wages, but instead steal and kill to get what they need. Rogues don't have jobs, but still train at the Killers Guild, to hone their hunting, and killing senses, so they can survive on their own. They don't have allegiance to anyone, and roam around the continent, looking for somewhere they can find supplies, and get shelter.

Does anybody wanna rp I already made the post in eleven city?

I was in the the city tavern in the corner while drinking beer until you...
(Open rp)
(Note don't ask me to join the rp because the rp is open to anyone)

First Name:
Last Name:
Female Elf
Gender Identity:
Back Story:
Losted family a year age and I became a rogue after I losted my family
Ciztan Of:
A pet bat named Zin
Unknown Because I didn't know that I was in a Elevn family
Agility: 10/10
Strength: 10/10
Stealth: 10/10
GreatSword,Elven Bow
20 Coins,Eleven Arrows

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First Name: Aeithne
Last Name: Seyward
Alias: Fire Dancer
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Gender Identity: Androgynous (Her)
Species: Fae
Citizen of: Fictille
Equipment: Rope, Gauze, and a salve for burns. 
Weapons: A belt full of throwing knives, A long bow, crossbow, and a knive shooting glove. 
Occupation: Assassin
Pets: None
Personality: Sarcastic, audacious, spunky, cold at times, but I can also be kind If I have to.
Backstory: My parents were always negligent towards me. Especially since I was adopted. My birth parents had dropped me off on the doorstep of their home, and at the time, they had enough money to take me in. Those few years we're heaven. I was accepted by my family, and they loved me. Until poverty struck . My parents resented themselves and hated me. They thought I was just another mouth to feed. So at an early age, I learned how to hunt, and deal at the market place. When I was banned from hunting, I learned to play the fiddle and dance. So I started playing with fire in my dances, and that's how I got my nickname. Once the leader of the Killers Guild learned of me, they trained me to become an assassin. Then one day, I had to get a job as a Warrior. Since I was faced with a particularly tough opponent, my first instinct was to try to get above them. Beautiful wings sprouted from my back, and I was filled with power. I was Fae.
Powers: Mainly manipulating fire and using magic in other ways
Skills: Dancing, Hunting, Playing the fiddle, Killing, Stealing, Fighting.
   _Intelligence_ 8/10
   _Strength_  4/10
   _Stealth_ 8 /10
   _Agility_ 9/10
   _Accuracy_  10/10
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