hello how are you there was a money which we discovered during our open combat with Taliban in their camp last year. After some exchanging of fire we overpower them. When we get into there camp, we discovered some amount of United States dollars which they are using to sponsor their terrorist attacks in the Country.before we hand over the rest to the American Government.. We have shared the money and I have my own share of $2,500,000.00 (Two Million five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only),....... and I deposited my own here in 1st SECURITY Bank of Ghana with the help of the Red-Cross society, because there is no other way out to keep it with me here.I am telling you this now because the security company in Ghana where the money of $2,500,000.00 was deposited sent me an email telling me that if i did not claim the money before the 15 of November 2016 the money will be confiscated and declare to the Ghana government as unclaimed money As soon as you receive it on my behalf i will take a leave and meet you in your country so that we can talk on the investment to start with the money there you know i want to use this money for an investment like to build a hotel or real Estate.In a conclusion for an investment in your country which you will stand as my partner okay I have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum and 70% will be mine which I wish to use for a profitable investment during my vacation period this year. I intend moving it by diplomatic courier agent means, and I have discussed with Mr. Henry Park. A Canadian courier agent who works with the Red- Cross society here because the United Nations has banned the transfer of money out of Gaza to protect the terrorism i am only trying to secure the money into your hand so that no body will know that i have such money i have to make everything clear to you i will give you the deposit certificate of the Money and letter of claim that you will send to the bank i am only trying to secure the money into your hand i know that you are womenor man you can not have the spirit of cheat on me I want you to know that this is a secret with me and you and i don't want anything that will bring this to the public hearing as i am trying to protect my image

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