You guys should make all class items gategory and gategory for new effects and maps and gamemodes and so on! Ps. This is the only where i could send this so you should put community suggestion gategory

New effect: Nuclear Fortress (Mutato)

Will come from fallout pack that i am going to post to here

When you use Nuclear Fortress effect:

Nuclear Fortress effect for 25 secs:
Makes target poisoned (for 5 secs only)
Makes spies visible like jarate does
Makes enemies to see with "nausea" vision
Makes enemy players harder to control the character

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Please, read rules. 
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Every Month or so, There will be votes For mods! Ill choose 3 people i think have been loyal members. Do not ask to be in the vote.

I have a GREAT idea.

Class: Heavy

Weapon slot: Melee

Name: The Crowd Controllers

Model: Boxing gloves all black with little Riot shields on the end of them

Does "Fatigue" damage which slows them down for 3 seconds
You knock back people like a airblast
You have a large increase of bullet resistance and if being healed by a medic the medic gets 50% resistance from bullets

When being used you are slowed

you take 5% more damage to your back and you take 7% more damage from explosives

You fall 10% faster

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