Hey Adam,
Wheres that SW Auto tut?

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Is there a long way around way to do something like this in SW? http://www.carbodydesign.com/tutorial/71617/alias-modeling-hexagon-tile-pattern/

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Okay CAD Gods of Ol'. How would you model this intersection of surfaces? SW of course.

Whats new with CJ?  anything prepared for the Modo901 launch? 

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Wha WHAAAAA?! Looks really nice! So this brings a question to mind.  What CAD/Software package would you use for auto surfacing?  I know MODO has a lot of tools for smoothing surfaces out. would that suffice for "class A" surfaces?  or am I just naive? 

Who is using Zbrush as part of their product concepting tools?

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In case you  missed the email, we're looking for feedback!

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Scott is a machine.

I can't login, your site is down

Hey Comrades, 
    Is CJZen compatible with Modo801?
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