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I have just completed an extensive blog on how to map Telco Fibre to the Node cabinets to track the progress of the buildout of Australia's National Broadband Network. The aim is to help people map their own suburbs and share the information with others this is because this information is not being made public so this will be a crowd sourced activity to track down and map assets on a Fusion Table.

Its a simple map of locations of Telco assets distributed across our local suburbs with pointers to photos taken of them. GPS encoded photos are used to help position the images on the map.

Its a very wordy blog but designed to help those starting from scratch with Fusion Tables.

#FusionTables #NBN

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main finding was that 10% increase in broadband penetration is correlated with 1.35% increase in GDP for developing countries, & 1.19% increase for developed countries. This suggests that in general, broadband is valuable investment for spurring economic growth.

Does anyone know when the NBN will be in Cronulla? 

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