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Ever thought about designing a raid? I posted up a build a raid contest on reddit. Two winners will be selected, the prizes being any item you want from the cash shop and the judging panel includes, LBR, JoeNeverFails, and the guys at SequencebrEak XIV. Let's do this!

I am missing playing on this server =/ and FF:XIV entirely.

+Johnny Flores​ you canceled my teleport! :/

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Hey guys axel shinra here what's up exodus! Lol

Hi everyone. I'm new to this community and am a lvl 36 Summoner.

Off Tanking Garuda HM sucks as much as Main Tanking it... Still unsuccessful... Any tips to successfully pull red add are welcome!! Thank you!!

Looking to grind AK and D. Chamera. M-F after 6 PM pst. Send me a tell or friend invite if you want in or if you already have a group that does this. Thank you! Tazz Mania. PLD 50.

My Introduction -

Tazz Mania
47 PLD - Main
13 GLS - 1st Craft to lvl
15 MIN - 1st Land Discipline to lvl
FC - Vodka

Hi all! Good to see the Exodus community has finally been established.
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