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Can everyone please tell which guild you are in? I will tell you your ranks once you comment.

Hey, when're the requests coming in? The community kinda died... O.o

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Name: Yuuta Togashi
Alias: Dark Flame Master
Age: 16
Race: Human
Gender: Male

Personality: Fairly carefree, Yuuta is never one to stress. Yuuta is sort of a pacifist, choosing not to fight without a reason. However, despite his somewhat silly antics at times, he can be quite friendly and comforting.


Purple Flare- The type of Magic Yuuta is known for, he is skilled in it's use. Mostly sending beams and projectiles, he also uses it to augment his sword strikes and physical strikes. This fire can be solid or in it's regular form, an actual purple flame.

Gravity Change- This magic is one of Yuuta's favorites. It enables him to change his own gravity, or someone else's via contact. He can also do this with objects, like his sword. This is a variation of Gravity Magic, and Yuuta contains the potential to expand up into this type.

Air Magic- A magic that is unnoticeable as it manipulates the air itself. With this ability, Yuuta can lower or raise the oxygen levels in any given place. In combination with Purple Flare, this unlocks a whole new area of attacks.

Weapons: A large, ridged blade that was forged from steel, and heavily tempered. By channeling Purple Flare into the blade, Yuuta can increase the heat of the blade, causing burns if it touches skin, and able to slowly soften other metal weapons and armor.

Bio: While originally a normal boy with known magical power, Yuuta was bestfriends with a girl named Rikka. Over time, they both delved deeper into the arcane arts, until they were known as the best Mages in their hometown. However, an accident caused Rikka to abandon him and the small town, causing Yuuta great grief. His goal is to find her, and apologize for what he had done.
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umm iam sry guys made so much trouble but this is my new character

Name: Dark 

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon slayer

Magick/skills: Dark Magic / Black fire

Guild: sabertooth 

Weapones : one handed black sword 

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This is my character and i may post a drawing of it when i can

sry to  bother but can i change my character ?

Name: Kurumi
Age: 16
Race: The Unknown - The Unknown are a race that supports various guilds despite having their own guild. They have multiple supporting magical skills, nullifying other magicians magic and creating illusions for a short matter of time and various other skills.
Gender: Female
Guild: None (if possible) - Lamia Scale (if not allowed)
Magic/Skills: Nullification / Illusion Magic
Weapons: Twin Pistols filled with Poisonous Gas / Dagger for close combat

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Name: Rune Aquelia
Age: 17
Race: Dragon Slayer
Gender: Female
Guild: Fairy Tail
Magic/Skills: Water Dragon Slayer Magic
Weapons: Twin Titanium daggers
Likes: Kittens, sugar, her friends, Marina (her dragon), laughter
Dislikes: Dark Guilds, Gloomyness
Bio: Raised by the Water Dragon Marina, Rune is a powerful Dragon Slayer. After the Dragons disappeared, she's been a rogue mage, wandering Earthland in search of Marina. She grew attached to one small village, called Kunne, populated by non-magic users, and she stopped by and visited whenever she could. Until one day, when Rune was about to turn 17, the dark guild Tartarus attacked Kunne, trying to kidnap Rune to steal her magic power. The villagers, who considered Rune a part of their family, rose to her defense, and gave her a chance to escape, but at the price of their lives. Rune wandered around for a while, trying to find a way to get revenge on the destruction of her only friends and family. She realized the only way to do so was to join a guild, so she became Fairy Tail's newest member. She's only been there for a couple of weeks so far.

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Name : Vittra

Age : 40,000,000 years old 

Race :  The Gamla...currently called the Ancients by many of the other races, The Ancients  are not Angels, Demons, Nor are they of the Mortal Plane. They stand at 9.5- 10 ft. tall and don't meddle in the affairs of the three realms, preferring to watch them settle their issues. Wielders of Ancient Runes and Magical weapons, bound to the owner,  they are Master Fighters and Master Blacksmiths as well, being the go-to people for crafting amazing weapons for people.  Their weapons cannot be moved by anyone else except the one's bound to them.   They are also the creators of Golems, that have not moved for millions of years, waiting to be called upon by their masters..

Gender : Male

Appearance :  Wielding a Large sword embedded with Runes and Armor covering most of his body, including forearms and wrists, he also wears the skins of animals from the past.  He has Amber eyes and has caramel colored skin, and black hair with silver steaks. His Armor is named " Calypso "

Guild: Quattro Cerberus
Bio : Born millions of years ago, Vittra helped his fellow brothers Spread throughout the Realms Vittra was among the few that took a small 100,000 year nap.  He woke up and stayed hidden, watching the war unfold. 

Personality : He prefers to keep his opinions to himself, doesn't like his belongings being touched, or people with attitudes.  He is slow to anger on a pleasant day but when irritated he will become very snarky..  and quick tempered.

Weapon :  Vittra's Sword:  " Mithra " , Known throughout the Realms as "The Earthbound Black Blade"  is and 7.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. covered in runes, powerful runes. Each Rune has a different purpose, with two of them being for increased dexterity of  and the rest for some kind of element, He also wields a Bow and Arrow called "_Rhea and Mimas_ " , who's Bow is 8 feet long and each arrow is 7 feet long.
To his new Arsenal he Crafted himself a specially made Gun called the " Pandora ". The Pandora Pistol is 6 feet wide and long, it's got double barrels and can fire different elements depending upon the Rune as well as bullets that are 4 feet big, able to rip through trees, metal and most other things with ease.

In hindsight that his Runes might be beaten he crafted a ring that turns into a shield called " Dione " It protects him from damage his body cannot handle..which is quite rare...

The Final new weapons at his disposal are the the rumbling Gauntlets : " Tethys and Atlas ". These two gauntlets can cause such powerful vibrations that almost all things can be shaken loose or destroyed.

Strengths : His body is Covered in runes, constantly shifting to what he needs in different situations..  Like most of The Ancients he has inhuman dexterity  and strength, capable of taking enormous amounts of damage whilst dishing more of it out. Normal weapons bounce off his hard skin like Glass against stone.

Magical Abilities/Techniques :

Wind Rune : If placed on a flat object such as the ground, it will cause a gust of wind to spread on that surface.  Tempest Rune creates Tornados and Tornado like winds.. When applied to his sword, shockwaves are made upon contact.

Storm Rune: Creates Lightning shots and powerful, ground shaking Rumbles.  When put on his Sword, he sends lightning through it and Earthquake esque vibrations from it.  And the same happens with infusing the rune with his Bow and Arrow, sending Lightening through his enemies and deafening them and breaking their bones.

Fire Rune:  Encased Vittra's Sword in Fire or intense head, when applied to the ground or any flat object, it spreads a hot wave of flames as far as they can travel, Inferno Rune is much stronger and fast acting. If put on his Bow it sets the target ablaze.

Water/Ice Rune: When on any surface it can send water  splashing to anywhere it can reach, this can be turned into ice and made into Spikes and other things.  When on his Sword, it encases it in ice. or water. When used on his Bow and Arrow, it can wet and freeze targets.

Shield Rune: Coats his body in a barrier to keep safe from certain attacks.

Force Rune: The Force Rune simply increase the power and impact of the one it's attached to. When put on the sword it's dexterity and power is increased, When used with the Bow and Arrow thw Arrow's impact power increases and with the Peacemaker it's bullet power increases.

Agility and Speed Rune:  Allows for Vittra's agility and speed to be increased.  It can be increased as many times as needed...has a max of five.. can also hit Supersonic speeds.

Special Runes: Lava Rune allows for him to call Agni, A Friend of his that he has watched over sense the creature. He looks human and is bald. It's skin is completely as black as soot. He towers at 20 ft tall and has 2 pairs of eyes and 4 arms. He weilds a Special War Hammer and A gigantic bow and arrow.

Battle Style :  Vittra Flips between his Bow and Arrow in combat and his Sword,  His battle style is a combination of using Runes in the middle of battle to shift the tide off the battle by focusing on crowd control or one single enemy.

Combat Role : Vittra is a high damage, high defense support Tank, dealing lots of damage with his weapons and Runes while Protecting his allies with his amazing Defense.

Weakness :  While he has incredible defense, he isn't indestructible and can take damage from other " Old Ones" Like The Ancients. And people with powerful magical weapons.

P.S : The gun is Pandora, The gold shield is what the black ring turns into. The Sword is what Mithra looks like. The Gauntlets Tethys and Atlas are in the picture, ignore the back piece in the picture. 
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Name: Tifa Fullbuster
Age: 20
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Guild: Sabortooth
Magic/Skills: Fire
Weapons: Katana
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