Hey everyone
I'm a new member here. I thought i would find lessons here to learn korean but I'm finding it hard to find any. Can anyone help?

안녕하세요. 오늘 기분이 어때요?
같이 얘기해볼까요? :)

Hi, How are you feeling today?
Let's talk about it!

저는 자야하는데 아직 피곤하지 않아요. 너무 움직이지 않아서 그런가봐요. 내일은 운동을 좀 해야겠어요!

Does anyone know any websites that allows me to watch korean cartoons/ movies but with english subtitles? Im not a huge fan of kdrama, so trying to find cartoons and movies to watch instead ; ; Thanks!

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A way to help improve not only your Korean, but ANY language you are studying is to create a journal/diary and practice writing. 😊
I've decided for my Korean language studies to share/ create a series where I write in Korean about what I did for the week.
We all make mistakes when writing especially in a different language (Be aware of my mistakes) lolol It's apart of the practice of learning so DON't be afraid of that hahah😍
Uploads on Tuesdays at 8:30PM EST😛
This series will be every Sunday at 8:30PM EST,
Don't forget to subscribe guys, this is gonna be a fun time together

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앞 is either "past/before" or "future/after" about time, so it may be confusing. Which is similar in meaning to 앞 시대 as in 앞 시대 사람?

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전대 (前代)
후대 (後代)

How do you say "Because I missed him" in Korean?

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Let's study^^ 화이팅~~
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