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Christmas Cactus.
Price: Rs. 400/-
Color: Pink.
Ordered 10 Christmas Cactus.
Received pic of the plant from seller.
Awaiting for their arrival.....

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The success of your gardening is possible only you have all the essential tools. Gardener starts with a basic collection of tools. #GardeningTools set are vital parts of your gardening venture, so their real value should never be set aside.


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Carrots are tough to root vegetables that are disease resistant and may grow in fairly poor soil. They don’t do well if conditions are extremely moist and warm, as they are prone to rot, but they are a great vegetable for dry, cool environments. They are packed with nutrients and like most root vegetables, have a long shelf life.


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There are different types of organic fertilizers so if you are planning to grow an organic garden and have your own fresh produce you need to be familiar with the following types and see for yourself which among this fertilizer are good for your garden.


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Many individuals are now getting hooked with organic gardening because this makes it possible to have their healthy and fresh vegetables. Aside from this, organic gardening is also noted for its amazing health and environmental benefits that individuals will surely appreciate and enjoy.

In order to reap all the benefits of organic gardening you need to do the basic and that is feeding the soil not just the plants. In summing it up, organic gardening is healthier and earth-friendlier way of growing foods that you eat. The following are the many other benefits of organic gardening


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Get your Lucky Bamboo And Lovely Hang Bags , Clutches, Handicraft Painting At The Single Window.

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Just like the other tasks, organic farming additionally needs full nonetheless discreet attention. There are things that gardeners should do in order to attain healthy garden whereas, on the opposite hand, there are also things that require being avoided so as to keep up and preserve the garden.

#CommonGardenPlant #HowtoOrganizeaGarden

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To make sure that you will get the best from your vegetable garden, planting seeds and seedling in the right time and appropriate time. There is zone chart that can help you deal with our gardening venture.
This chart provides you with great ideas on when and how to start planting.
Their average temperature of the soil is also an essential aspect that needs to be considered when planting seeds.

#PlantingSeedsinaGarden #PreparingaVegetableGarden
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