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and here is the reset new land new rules and maybe new mods. if you're going to be active comment below and if you want to be a mod comment #pleasemodmemate and i will think about it.

and new pinned post.

1)Do not insult others members
2)Do not be rude
3)Do not cheat
4)If you're not active, you're kicked out (If you are inactive 2 weeks or 1-2 months)
5)You can not buy or annex lands of countries who isn't take it by others players , you can take lands just with war for countries who isn't take it by others players
6)Only those who are over 14 can enter in group

Roleplay rules

1) If you play with a country who have a little army and a little population (Example Slovakia) , you can not attack a country with the population big and a big army (example Hungary) and you can not say "Slovakia make a alliance with Russia(or other big country) , Slovakia declare war to Hungary , Russia joined in Slovakia-Hungary war , Hungary surrender" or something like this . If Russia (or other big country) is take it by a person , and he want to make to join in war , you can do that .

2)The duration of wars will be take it about the size , the army and the population of the respective country. What I mean ? If i play with Romania , and i declare war to Ukraine (even if Ukraine is take it or isn't take it by other person) , i need 3 countries (who have 10.000.000 population) or a big country (example Russia) to attack Ukraine . Why i need 3 countries or a bug country ? Well , the population of Romania is 18.000.000 , and the populaton of Ukraine is 30.000.000 . Romania have a small army , and Ukraine don't have a small army .And that war will last 4-6-7 hours in real life if you are helped by 3 countries or by a big country.
If i play with USA, and I declare war to Russia, the war will last 3-5 days (in real life), because Russia has a large size . If i play with Hungary and I declare war to Slovakia, the war will last just 1 hour.

3)If you declare war to another country (who is take it ) like the USA declare war to UK , you post "USA send more battleships for the UK invasion" (or something like this) , you can not post "USA successful destroy all UK defensive" (or something like this) , you need to wait for the enemy to post "the UK prepares the defensive", after you can post that . I mean , you need to wait for the other person to post, after you posted. If you didn't understand , look on that exampl

Player 1 - USA declare war to UK !
Player 1 - USA sended more battleships to invade UK
Player 2 - UK preprare to defensive
Player 1 - US army fight it hard , but they destroy the UK defensive .
Player 2 - UK bombed US troops , but they survived
Player 1 - UK make little damage to US army .

4) The economy , upgrades and to repair cities/economy/army will during 3-4 or even and 7 days .

5) And the owner and moderators need to respect the rules and the rp rules .

6) If you lose the war, your enemy will take your country, you can choose another country, to continue the rp/

7)When i see that the rp became bored, i'll make the polls, to vote and to see if we'll re-start the roleplay, or to continue the initial roleplay.

8)After we done the roleplay, and we'll re-make the roleplay ,you can not choose the same country.

9) You can not attack players when they are offline .

Can someone make a fucking map of the world...

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The impirum begins to recruit men aged 16 -32 from the old capital and rebuilding it , the new Berlin shall be called terra meaning earth or land in latin

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In 1934 Ireland allies with the German Reich
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Hello, I claim Finland just like last time and propose myself for moderator... Just like last time.

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The aquila means a eye blinded by the past and open for the future*

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the impirum is created out of the renegades of old germania

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Its RavenHill , my commander post, if you love you can leave the comments
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To believe in a nation it takes a nation.....

SOR govt says that a new leader is to be voted on as we need a new leader.

voting starts in 2 days as citizens wait outside voting areas.
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