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Hello all, 
I use buddypress through the theme Gameleon on Wordpress. I get an extreme amount of spam. So much spam that my host has decided to pull down the site for now. I need a good spamfilter (I tried a captcha plugin but that didn't help much). Seems a spambot keeps attacking the Buddypress signup. Any good suggestions for what plugins I might want to use? 
Thanks in advance! 

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I need to disable the avatar of groups ... this is possible by editing the code or installing a plugin?
I do not want to see the group avatar.
I await answers.
@ Federcolombo

Anyone have a good filter written to bypass the Group wall activity now puts a jQuery READ MORE, but I want the entire post on the walls, have found the main activity excerpt lengths, but as I read, there is no setting for group excerpts...

Hi All, I posted this on support forums, but thought I'd ask here too.

I am working on building a site for small group of people for a sports pool. I am building a custom plugin to handle the pool side of things. What I’d like to do is when a player has a transaction, (eg: trade, drop player, etc), post a little message to their activity stream.

I may be misunderstanding, but everything I’ve found so far tells me to create a custom post type, and have it automatically done when a post if written. But I don’t want to create a post per se, just a “status update”.

Is there an easy way to do that? A function to call? Google has not been my friend on this so far.

Thank you for any help.

Procuramos profissionais com dominio em BuddyPress / WP para desenvolvimento de projetos. 
Contato no e-mail:

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Running your BuddyPress enabled social network on shared server? Worried about video & audio format conversion...? Don't worry...let our encoding service handle video/audio conversion for you :-)

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BuddyPress 1.7 “Totonno” has arrived, and it’s our best version yet!

#buddypress   #wordpress   #social  

What’s New in 1.7

Theme Compatibility

Using a feature we call “theme compatibility”, BuddyPress can display its content within the context of any WordPress theme – no modifications required.

Group Administration

BP 1.7 introduces a brand new set of Group Administration panels on your WordPress Dashboard. Now BP admins can bulk-delete groups, edit group settings, and manage group membership without ever leaving wp-admin.

A Better Installation Experience

We’ve removed the installation wizard in favor of a totally automated setup – just hit Activate, and we’ll handle the rest. On new installations, only the Activity and Extended Profiles components are activated, helping you to start small and grow your community features bit by bit. 
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