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A short inspirational clip about compassionate action...

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NOTE FROM Ann M. Wolf: Welcome Friends! Meet the wonderful people of "All Saints Church," in Bugiri, Uganda, a place which I consider to be my Home Church in Africa. We are in touch daily via the Spirit of God (& Internet facilities) for prayer, for communion; and we partner in charity efforts on behalf of the kids of their community.

I met these folks through the internet, but their efforts were fully vetted by visiting Americans who confirmed their activities as well as their beautiful hearts.

Though there are others offering a hand of support to All Saints Church & surrounding community, my efforts are part of my outreach AKA “Message of the Lighthouse International,” based on the “Two Commandments of Jesus – Love God, Love Others.” (MOTL International currently offers support to the Body of Christ around the world through an Online Library of Spiritual Resources as well as opportunities to participate in charities supporting the needs of our veterans, 1st-responders in the USA as well as children affected by extreme poverty throughout the world.)

VISION PLAN FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY: Currently set up at All Saints Church are: a School Lunch Coop for the children, as well as Bible Study sharing for spiritual enrichment & encouragement of members of approximately 12 churches in East Uganda.

In moving forward, we are working & praying together, that we might soon expand from these two projects to also assist with other needs which will support this community in becoming self-sufficient. For instance, with regard to education, we pray for school supplies, benches & desks, shoes & clothes for the members. With respect to agricultural support for the subsistence farmers of this community, we look to God for items which will help to generate additional income such as a grinder for grains, wells for water, goats, chickens and suitable seeds for the growing of corn & other crops which can be marketed.

Thank you for visiting us today and for your prayers and support on behalf of All Saints Church and others around the world, who look to God for their Hope."

IMAGE: All Saints Church School - Lunch Coop

WATCH: "Find Your Family" about compassionate action:

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"All Saints Fellowship of Churches" Page on Facebook - VISIT & JOIN

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Love God, Love Others...

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More about the amazing community of All Saints Fellowship of Churches in East, Uganda...
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