Hey there guys it natalie I've done a new comic drama of the re dub of my 30 years later feel free to watch it and give me ur thoughts https://youtu.be/4bd0Yykfq-Q

Name: Sapphire
Nicknames: Saph, Riley (Alternate personality), Lapis (Alternate personality)
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Species: Cat
Powers/Abilities: Flight, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, various martial arts, strength
Bio: Queen of Mewtopia, a small kingdom on Mobius, at war with Eggman. No relation to Silver, Blaze, Shadow, or Knuckles.

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Name: shadowa
Age: she travels threw time
Gender: female
Species: blood changer and is mysterious
Alignment: awesome
Forms: any body you give her she can turn into that body (even if it's a different gender)
Magic: a master emerald that has powers and is inside her body to replace her heart (if she takes it out her body will slowly die and so will time and colors)
Weapons: she has fangs (and if she bites you your body is under her spell in till she finishes her quest)
Bio: she is mysterious and still learning
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Name: unknown
Nickname: wolf
Gender: female
Info: I'm just a little mad wolf
If I get stabbed it won't hurt... I am usually a outcast and I don't talk much, I guess I'm good at hiding and disguising... When I'm around people I kinda get nervous wondering what they think of me...
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Weapons:Gun,& Hidden Knife
Skills:Fire Fist,MegaKick,Ultra Combo
About my Skills Fire Fist is Fist on Fire,MegaKick Is a 10 hits from leg,& Ultra Combo Is a Custom Combo by Guill 5 Punches Then 5 Kicks Then 2 Stabs Then 1 Punch = 13 Hits But Isn't a K.O

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(Walks around the forest, with wolves howling at the full moon. I start running as I cry, tears filled with anger and raged, empty and heartbroken. Then, suddenly; my clothes starts to fade away and my gloves began to rip apart as my claws extend. Soon, my tail grows longer and fluffy, including my body. I fall at the ground, crying out blood as I began to whimper in pain. Then, I howl at the full moon at the body of a wolf; I had become a beast. I soon start running around the forest still crying out blood.)

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Name: Luna Nights
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Spiritwolf
Alignment: good
Forms: Fallen (Exe), Dark, and Super
Magic: fire
Weapons: sword, knives, bows, and guns.
Bio: unknown but she fights for what she believes is right

(Idk if I did this correctly)

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_is walking as he hears wolves howling soon starts running from it
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(Reads a book while waiting for while waiting for +Blaze The Cat​ and Jackolinia and starts being in my thoughts: Steel........that one name haunts my mind) hmm (shakes head and continues to read)

Name: Lightning
Species: hedgehog
Magic: control the dead
Powers: (classified)
Bio: i do whats right
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