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Welcome everyone, please ask your questions to a family member in the correct category please. For example, if you want to ask Bella a questions, put it in: Questions for Bella.

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What do you think about The big four Hiccup? Do you know Merida, Punzie and Jack?

Can I ask Astrid something do u like hiccup

I want to ask hiccup a question: how much money do u own

Ok, Cloudjumper, how did ya' felt when Valka and Hiccup met? What do ya' think 'bout Toothless?

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The Haddock Family :)

Hmmm... i just curious

Hiccup full name is : Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Astrid full name is : Astrid Hofferson

Who's your full name, Valka? :)

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Who should I be in the Haddock Family? My friends call me Hiccup but my favourite character is Toothless.
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