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We are lucky to be behind the USA with the full use of Classroom but it also means we have a half and half version of classroom.
I really miss the ability to add topics to the stream as this helps to classify the post s and makes them easier to find later.
New Google classroom has some great features - some not so great too. I miss the ability to add topics to the stream. If you agree then give feedback to classroom via the '?' on each classroom page

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Hi Everyone, I am putting together another journey through the Google Geo Tools and some new developments that are out there on the tools.
This is great for geo teachers of people who just want to learn more about the tools tagged with 'geo
I am thinking near the end of the term or early next term.
Can you please let me know which you would prefer.

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this ad is so great ! chromebooks for the win
Google's New #Chromebook Ad Is an Epic Takedown of Windows

Google has unveiled a new video to promote its pricey Chromebook Pixel line — and boy, is it one heck of a takedown of Windows. The one minute promo, titled “If you want a laptop you can count on. You Chromebook.”, Google relieves our collective Windows…

Database: we are looking for a way to have our SEN/ special needs register more user-friendly and easier to manipulate. We have been using spreadsheets until now, but find when pulling data there are numerous points to consider so would like the solution to have a relational data structure.

Any pearls of wisdom out there?

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Here is an exciting opportunity to gain level 1 Certification in Flipped Learning in Whangarei

Venue: Manaia View School, 64 Murdoch Crescent, Raumanga, Whangarei
Term 2 - Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th July 2018

What can flipping add to your classroom?

So you are a digital class or teacher? You work in a 1:1 environment? You work in a paperless school? That means you’ve cracked it, right ? The digital utopia is yours; you are a 21st century educator, leading edge etc….. but somewhere in the back of your mind is this nagging doubt … is this it? You have attended conferences, PLD, you can converse about the SAMR model and TPCK but still your class simply has really, really expensive typewriters?

If this sounds even a little like you, fear not, you are not alone. Teachers everywhere are waking up to the realisation that “being digital” does NOT by itself improve education. We need to find time in the busy day for teachers to do what teachers do best - TEACH. How is this achieved ? Flipping and Inflipping is the answer.

Workshop Attendees will learn:

How to turn your classroom into a dynamic, riveting and active learning space

Why Active Learning encourages student engagement, deeper learning, retention

How to use Flipped Learning to simplify the transition to Active Learning

How to make the best use of your face-to-face time with students

How to get more class-time for hands on activities

The best global practices in Flipped and Active learning

How to take Flipped Learning and Active Learning to the next level

Find out how world class educators are using these methods

Structure of the Training

Prior to the workshops you will be given access to 10 units of online learning, developed and presented by Jon Bergmann:

Why Flip

Planning for Flipped Learning

Best Practices in Flipped Learning

Tech Tools of the Flipped Classroom

What to Do in Class

Subjects and Levels

Assessment and Flipped Learning

Selecting the Right Technology

Taking Flipped Learning to the Next Level


Please explore the links below and/or contact Beth Lamb for any questions or queries


Brochure: attached

Jon’s invitation video:

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Preview YouTube video Flipped Certification Workshops

Flipped Certification Workshops

Can I assign special character a short cut key in google docs, like I can in word? I use the symbol for deg. C all the time, and I am over having to do “insert character” etc every time. Can I not just give it a short cut like I did in word?? I have searched, and I am pretty sure it is no, but if you have a secret I would be really happy to learn it!

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A new look for Gmail, with better integration with Keep, Google Tasks (there is a new phone app for Tasks as well, very good stuff!) and Calendar.
My only issue at this stage is I can't find the contacts section, meaning you have to come out of Gmail to create a contact (unless I've missed it...)
Here Are the Major New Features Google Added to Gmail Today (and What It Didn't) !!!
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