Ok so I want you guys to give me tag dares so gust like say tag you're crush or senpai or bff's 

Ok so I want you guys and gals to give me dares so that's it 

I dare you to kiss your crush at ceek 😆😑😆


Thanks for the damn invite.
Smart to invite me.

Whats ur fav colour?

Marionette X Power.
U decide.

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Ehhhhh thank chu for inviting me +powerbro dark flame​👻

Hi. How was your day?


Thanks for inviting me this is pretty cool I never thought of this

I got a dare I dare you to lick dog poop

Omg lol XD
U don't have to but if your brave enough to do it

>:) I got some good questions clears throat

Are chu a virgin 
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