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Jugando Domidrez (el más sencillo de los juegos Pokerdrez) con mi mamá (82 añitos). A veces confunde la dama y el jóker, pero siempre estamos atentos para que no nos haga trampa. 😉
Playing Domidrez (the simplest of the Pokerdrez games) with my mom (82 years old). Sometimes she confuses the Queen and the Joker card, but we are always attentive so that she does not cheat us.😉

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FCB - Fantasy card brawl
Challenge your friends with an epic card battle at your kitchen table! #plaingcards #boardgames #kickstarter

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Some prototypes of our Queens figure for Pokerdrez games are now finished.
Algunos prototipos de nuestra figura de reinas para juegos Pokerdrez están terminados.

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Just started to build an audience for Psychobunnies. Any help getting word out there greatly appreciated. :)

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The Final Flicktier has relaunched! If you like science fiction, exploring, and combat, and dexterity then this game is for you. Check it out!

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Erotic Adult Board Game and App - Play Time for adults
Exciting erotic adult board game and app with 470 cards and 4 game levels that will keep you entertained all night long.

Play Time for adults is an erotic game designed for couples and single people who want to be more adventurous and intimate, by exploring exciting, new experiences. This thrilling sex board game contains 4 game levels and 470 cards that describe various instructions to be acted out and entertaining questions to be asked. Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual you can play the game with your partner, and if you're up for it, why not make it a party and play with 3 other people.

#crowdfunding #gaming #game #games #tabletopgame #boardgame #erotic #adult #fun #play #app #support #funds #funding #kickstarter

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Masterplan, a modern city-builder boardgame
Build a big city in this tabletop game with lots of interaction. Plan carefully where to build, and watch your rivals!

Become an ambitious constructor, win public tenders, build all types of buildings and become rich by designing the city of your dreams. Dozens of tiles represent the buildable plots that will become a great city designed by each player. But, in Masterplan building the most doesn’t guarantee victory...

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own city? In Masterplan you will be a construction tycoon competing with other constructors to get the best plots of land in town. Create a city up to your standards, and make the best use of the city’s public services. Increase the value of your constructions by designing neighborhoods that suit your interests, and try to stop your rivals’ growth by crafting strategic urban plans.

Masterplan is a board game for 2 to 4 players with a medium complexity level, where you will compete to build the most profitable and efficient buildings of the city.

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Unique steampunk cardboard game The Vapour
Unique handmade steampunk game from Estonian and Russian creators! Dragons, heroes, passion, action!

Heralds of the whole world are whispering about this glorious event:
Soon the world will see the legendary game “The Vapour”, to the depths imbued with the spirit of steampunk.
Teleport yourself to the era of alternative reality where the world is moved by the power of steam! You will have to defeat the six powerful dragons, collect the Stokes Machine parts and start building the first ever steam pipeline! Your battle will be supported by 6 unique heroes!

#crowdfunding #support #community #gaming #game #games #gamers #tabletopgame #boardgame #play #fun #steampunk #TheVapour #unique #funds #funding #indiegogo
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