I just updated today, the rep counter in the bottom was replaced by a 'time' thingy that didn't seem to do anything, and I had to edit my reps after completing them.

Only 5 days after the previous release, the first beta for version 1.8 is already available.

In this beta cycle you can expect to see the following updates:
- Expanded customization for movements. Think of time-based movements (e.g. planks), custom units and custom rounding.
- Expanded customization for progressions. Think of custom TM progression based on achieved reps and using TM's of a fixed movement.
- More programs for bodybuilding.

Kicking of is the now available 1.8-BETA1:
- Added /u/Metallicadpa's PPL split.

As always, we're looking for feedback about things in the app that are confusing, buggy or even cause crashes.

Thanks for the help!

Are you still thinking about adding Metallicadpa's PPL (the reddit PPL) to the app?

I don't know if this is by design but the plate calculator doesn't keep the bar weight. it always reverts to 45 for the next set no matter what you type in. In other words, it's not persistent.

Beta 1.6R is ending this beta cycle. If all goes well with this release, it will be publicly available as Release 1.7.

So far, we've added:

- nSuns CAP3.
- Wendler: Building the Monolith.
- Programmable timers.
- Backup & Restore.

Thanks for all feedback and support so far.

Best regards,

I think I found a calculation mistake:

Shoulder & Legs 2: second exercise, first set:
Week 2: App says 32.5 kg, spreadsheet says 35 kg
Week 3: App says 35 kg, spreadsheet says 32,5 kg

TM is 45 on both app and spreadsheet
I'm on 1.6P

Skipped barbell row today after DL and when I clicked "Finish Workout" the app crashed. Doesn't open either now.

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I'm testing out statistics and something seems to be wrong there.

I've attached an image below. Why is every date 8/8? I added all the workouts that day, but I've since updated the days of each workout, but it didn't update in the statistics section.

Also, I have a suggestion for a feature in the app. You should make a body statistics section. Which could include:

- Bodyweight
- Whether you're cutting, bulking, maintaining, or recomping.
- Body part measurements (arm, chest, etc)

And then you could see each of those things with a graph like that one for the exercises

Hi all,

For everyone in here who's running nSuns CAP3: is there anything that's not working the same way the spreadsheet does? Specific areas of interest are:

- Major progression (& weights).
- Secondary progression on T1 exercises.
- Secondary progression on T2 exercises.
- EMOM sets behavior.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, it's been really valuable and I think the CAP3 program is nearly ready for release (finally...).

Started this today. CAP3 route.

Some issues - can only access change cycle when in a workout - not when starting a workout?

When doing Spoto Presses (Day 1) I do my 10x then my 8x. When I try and store the 5x 1 mins after, it crashes... When I try and add on an extra set instead, it crashes...
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