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The internet is no longer restricted to simply searching for information or using basic message boards and forums. Today, using the #internet is a way to connect with people from across the globe, play games with friends, and even stay in touch with distant relatives.
However, with the increase in internet access worldwide, threats, violence, and #bullying have also increased internationally. Understanding the most common types of #InternetViolence that is prevalent in today’s society is a way for you to avoid potentially irritating, embarrassing, or shameful situations whenever you are online.

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A recent Microsoft study has found that over half of the Indian children who surf the #Internet face #CyberBullying, getting threatened or being harassed online. According to Microsoft’s ‘Global Youth Online Behavior Survey’ of 25 countries, India ranked third with 53% of respondents.

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An Indian diplomat's daughter who was suspended, arrested and forced to spend a day in jail during her senior year in February 2011 on #CyberBullying charges, has won a $225,000 settlement from New York City.

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 The latest in the continued exploitation of women’s privacy and bodies is what has been called “Fappening” in popular parlance and picked up by other media. #Fappening is a new word that refers to people touching themselves sexually, while looking at private pictures of famous women, #online.

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#Internet has opened up a whole new world for children and has helped expand their horizons and improve their knowledge about what’s going on around the world. However, there are several downsides to living in a world with so much Internet access as many people are now being subject to #CyberBullying. With a majority of young children nowadays having access to the Internet, they are exposed to the harsh realities which exist on the web, making them vulnerable to online #bullying

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According to the study, non-native English speakers are not bullied more often than native English speakers and #bullying increases as students' transition from elementary to middle school.
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