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I'm introducing coding to 23 first graders with access to ipads. I also have $300 to spend if needed.
Have you used any of the below apps/games/toys with younger age, large groups? Is there something else you use?
Your input is most appreciated and I will summarize if there are many responses :)

-Scratch Jr

-Blocky course 1


-The Foos

-Robot Turtles Game

-Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

-Puzzlets Starter Pack with Free Programming Game: Cork the Volcano

-Osmo Genius Kit plus the coding set

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It is interesting to watch the transformation of how we educate. Technology is facilitating digital inclusion - Including oneself in the conversations expressed through social media that builds up social capital.

The negative impact learners might experience from not insinuating themselves into digital conversations might not be as readily apparent as if they did not have access to technology and/or the Internet, or if they are not digitally literate. Not having access or being digitally competent has immediate and apparent effects and consequences whereas not participating in the various forms of social media will be detrimental to learners, but in a less immediately identifiable manner. Becoming digitally inclusive is one of the foundations of being a lifelong learner, helping one meet and overcome life’s challenges. Not being digitally inclusive will hamper one’s ability to fully utilize Information and Communication Technologies as a way to assist them in achieving personal empowerment, which in turn will bring about an improvement in their quality of life.

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Hi everyone,

On Saturday, April 30, we'll be launching our new online coding contest, called "Smash the Code".

It's a programming competition that will last over 8 days. The aim will be to program an autonomous bot and send it fight into an arena against other players' bots.

25 programming languages are available to code a solution, and it takes less than 10 minutes to come up with a basic AI.

We're pretty much excited about the game (hint: Puyo Puyo). We've tried to make it both fun and beautiful in terms of animations.

Here's the link to register:

Signup is free for everyone and there will be cool prizes to win (HTC Vive Headset, Myo armband, Geekbox).

If you want to practice a little bit and check what the environment looks like, we advise you to start with 2 solo puzzles:
- "Surface":
- "Gravity":

Thanks for checking!

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Free 10 day course "HTML And CSS Basics" delivered straight to your inbox every morning.

In this course, you'll learn the basic structure of an HTML webpage, how to use common HTML elements, and how to style your page using basic CSS.


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Combine coding (block coding) with 3D Modeling - in BlocksCAD! I wrote up a couple of simple lessons...

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Have you registered for our first webinar?

Make sure you get your spot to hear +Meridith Ebbs discuss computational thinking with the opportunity to ask questions.

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Hi Everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have launched my "AngularJS For the Real World" Course (69 Lectures, 7 hours of content and contests for the students) on Udemy And I am offering it for $39 instead of $199.

TL;DR: Here's the link to get the course for $39 if interested, and there is a 30 day money back guaranteed. (make sure to click on REDEEM A COUPON and enter the coupon code LEARN39G)

Long Story:
After countless Nights spent recording and editing, My AngularJS for the Real World course is now live on Udemy, and currently counts almost 1000 active students. I am planning to add new content so if you are interested in buying that now you'll get it for free. I have published the course on Udemy (In early september) and since then I have been added new content and material every other week, launched one contest who awarded students that completed at least 80% and contributed to the discussion area with Amazon Cards worth $50 each, and replied to 100% of the questions. It would be an honor to see you in the course and I can guarantee that I'll always be available for any questions or doubts you might have. In case you will get stuck somewhere I'll be glad to review your code and help you in progressing with the course. Have a great 2016 everybody!

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What is malloc in C?
C program for malloc function with example.
Get more programming questions like this on Cody app.

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